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Title: Queenslanders
Post by: Artson on November 16, 2009, 10:44:26 AM
The Sydney Christmas Carnivals, I believe will be of great benefit for our northern neighbours.
•   Each carnival is a close distance to Bass Hill
•   Lidcombe = 9km
•   Hurstville = 14km
•   Tempe = 19km
•   Get one hotel room (unpack once)
•   Guaranteed racing if it rains we go to DGV
•   Possible to do a Road Trip with mates.
•   Cheaper Flights than Tasmania and a lot more racing!
•   A lot less travel than Victoria
•   New Year’s in Sydney

•   Probably going to be showed up by NSW riders.  

•   Planting yourself at Bass Hill would be an awesome central area.
•   A group booking would make it a more enjoyable experience and may result in a cheaper option.  
•   Possibility of Sydney Billets

My suggestion
•   Use this forum to organise groups (travel, accom etc)  
•   Use this forum to look for a Billet.