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Title: General Info
Post by: Artson on April 30, 2009, 12:45:25 PM
General Info 2016

•   Every Friday night From June 17 to Sept 16
•   First race 7:05pm sharp
•   Race entry adults $20, School students/unemployed $15
•   Spectators are more than welcome and are free of charge. But are restricted to grandstand on start finish and the infield.
•   Series Point Score for all divisions (1 to 5).
•   Racing format  Most Nights will follow this format


Round 1 Warm up Scratch

Round 2  Wheel-race for special grades  (not on every week)

Round 3 Feature Sprint Event

Round 4 Feature Endurance Event

Round 5 Division combines +/Or Time Blaster

•   Special Nights Each month contains one Madison and Kierin series
•   Madison Last Friday of each Month (select your own team)
•   Kierin's first Friday of each Month

 Wheel races, - when possible there will be the big Feature Wheelrace with a title sponser. I will try and give the sponsers as much exposure as possible and would ask RAW Track patrons to support the sponsers in any way they can.