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Title: RAW Track Points System
Post by: Artson on May 03, 2009, 04:03:11 AM
Start Points All riders receive 10 points for each RAW attended.

Miss a Night Every rider is entitled to miss 2 nights, they will receive start points (in red on spread sheet)

Results (for Rnd 3 (sprint) and Rnd 4 (enduro) only!

1st  5 points

2nd 3 points

3rd 2 points

4th 1 point

Divisions only the top 5 divisions recieve race points

Team events with more than 2 teams as above. Team events with only 2 teams, Winning team, 5 points

Promotion may be requested by an individual rider or rider’s peers. You will not be told what grade you must ride, but may be asked to ride one.

Sign on grade must be finalised for the night by the completion of round 1 after this round no grade changes are allowed for the night.

Promoted riders will take points with them but will not exceed 10pts below leader of grade. This rule will be activated on late July.

Round 1 Warm up No points.

Round 2 Special wheelrace No points.

Round 5 combines no points allocated to it.

Final 4 weeks of Season: result points are doubled to series final eg race winner earns 10pts for win

Representing races:any RAW Track rider who is unable to race due to World Titles, Australian Title or NSW title commitments shall receive 10 points. (clause: for NSW Titles, tapering is not considered however travel of over 200km is). This rule will also include Representing Australia in a recognised, CA selected team (eg. Oceania, Com-Games, World Cup and the like)      

Disciplinary action may result in loss of points  

Cash prizes will be allocated to the top three of each grade on completion of point score September. Top five in each divison will recieve tickets into the prize pool (TBC 2017)

Equal placing. Count back to highest points on final night. (clause: Div 1 will have ride off in a 500m TT)