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Title: 2018 RAW Track Sponsors
Post by: Artson on June 19, 2018, 03:35:18 AM
RAW Track 2018 Sponsorship
Got something to promote?   Want to be a RAW Track Sponsor?
Opportunities exist to get exposure and support Track Cycling

Feature Wheel Race Sponsor: Round 2 each week is a Feature Wheel Race.  Sponsor is required to supply product with a minimum RRP value of $199 (prize on night) + product with a minimum RRP value of $149 (for end of season prize pool).  Cash can replace product at 60% of said values. RAW track also contributes some prize money to a W-R to boost the prize.

We have some great new sponsors for 2018
(https://i1.wp.com/womensfreestateracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/sponsors.009.jpeg?fit=1024%2C768&ssl=1) (https://4wgn2331dfg2aovh21xltgge-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Vie13-logo-Hor-white.svg)
Fast Kustom Apparel for cycle & speed sports with a distinct focus on those about to ROCK!
VIE13 are the 2018 Club Challenge sponsor: The winning club will be awarded a club set of unique commemorative 2018 VIE13 Club Champions Gillet's. You can wear you achievement to and from racing and now that RAW has gone pin free you easily wear it at RAW Track

The 2018 Time Blaster has a new sponsor
•   Circulus life Cycle Engineering offers bespoke Multidisciplinary Building Services. Technical Due Diligence Reporting, Capital Works Budgets and Condition Assessments to the property services profession.
•   This means that in 2018 the prize for cracking the time blaster will be $100
•   Of course, if it doesn't get broken it Jackpots
•   It also means the title will be a rather lengthy The Circulus Lifecycle Engineering Time Blaster
•   Hopefully after the initial introduction we may shorten it to Circulus Time Blaster