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Author Topic: Week 4 19th July 2019  (Read 6152 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: July 17, 2019, 02:37:17 AM »

R   A   C   E       A  L  L        W   I   N   T   E   R

News and Information
For Week 4
Friday, July, 19  2019

2019 SPRINT  Night

first race 7:30pm           7:15pm (div 5)  

This week’s Races
•   Round 1   200m Fly
•   Round 2     3 rider sprint @ 3 laps    
•   Round 3      (Same) 3 riders sprint @ 3 laps    
•   Round 4      (Same) 3 riders sprint @ 3 laps    
•   Round 5 Combines + Circulus Engineering Time Blaster 8:45 for $200 (time pending)

your 200m fly will rank you. Rankings will be split into heats of three.

Explain these races
200m Fly - @ RAW our 200m fly's are conducted over 2 1/2 laps and not the 3 1/2 UCI standard. Riders line up in the back straight. As the previous rider races past, you are push started to start your warm up lap. On your second lap you want to be high on the track and gaining speed. Riders will dive down the track to receive the bell and timing will start 50m later. Your time will be stopped at the finish line. At the conclusion please be aware other riders are now on the track, so please vacate the field quickly and safely.

Sprint- at RAW Track, sprints are usually run as 4-6 ups over 3-4 laps the first few laps are usually spent sizing your opponents up and positioning yourself for the optimum explosion to the finish. It is not uncommon for a sneaky rider to attack early in the hope of holding a lead to the finish. The sprint is a test of power, speed and above all, tactics.

Guys and Gals this is a big night of racing

•   Please be prompt to the start line
•   Please be prepared to follow instructions and ready to race.
•   Please know your opponents
•   No Track stand RULE!  

TWE Point Score

Last week’s top scorers

•   All of Team WHITE = 20 points
•   All of Team Black = 15 points

•   Div 1  Rohan Haydon-Smith   50 points  
•   Div 2 Tirian McManus    51 points
•   Div 3 Claudia Marks 51 points
•   Div 4 Tom Stilwell   53 points  
•   Div 5 Bailey McDonald  50 points  


VIE13 Klub Challenge

1   ATTA-nsw    722
2   St George    609
3   Dulwich Hill   567
4   Lidcombe   402
5   Canberra    325
6   Vikings    267
7   Randwick    247
8   Peloton Sports    235
9   Southern X   225
10   Dubbo   206
11   Illawarra   206

Your Sprint heat scoring
•   In your 3 rider heats each rider will score 3 – 1 pts as they cross the line.
•   The accumulated points will determine the heat overall winner
•   In the event of equal points the final sprint, takes precedence
•   In the event of dead heats points will be shared.
•   These points do not contribute to the TWE series. Please read below:

Sprint Night ;- Points System for TWE series
•   You will get 10 points for signing on  
•   The 10 best times of your division in the 200m fly will receive 10 pts down to 1 pt  
•   The overall winner of your sprint heats will receive a bonus 1 point

RAW Track and Tour de France
•   Step 1 drink coffee
•   Step 2 Race RAW
•   Step 3 Eat late
•   Step 4 Watch the Tour
This is the perfect mix! You will be that full of adrenalin that even the soothing tones of Keenan/McEwan will not send you to slumber!

Should I go up a grade?
• At RAW you will be never be told what grade you have to ride.
• However your peers may politely suggest you change grades.
• Added to this, I may offer some advice, in an attempt to pre-empt your peers.
• In the history of RAW, the “choose your own” grade policy has only been seriously rorted on three occasions, are you interested in being the fourth?

     RAW TRACK 2019 ….Bring It!  
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