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Author Topic: Day 1 - Tues 29th @ DGV by BSCC  (Read 8554 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: December 22, 2009, 12:23:13 PM »

Day 1 of the Sydney Christmas Carnivals
Dunc Gray Velodrome
Bankstown Sports Cycling Club

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« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2009, 08:15:55 PM »

Not long to go now, im very much looking forward to it all. Seeing that list, i think i could pretty happly race 'A grade'.
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2009, 01:20:49 PM »

Sydney Junior Christmas Carnivals         

Dunc Grey  Velodrome, Sydney, Australia         
29th December 2009          

Little Chelsea Oaten was the smallest rider in the field but possibly the rider with the biggest heart as she lined up for the Junior Wheel-race final on limit, 200m ahead of rising Bathurst U15 star Harrison Carter.  
The race was panning out beautifully for Chelsea as she got the bell with almost 100m’s lead over the main bunch and race favourite Harrison in 8th place and still not around the main body of riders. But on the final lap it was clear that the race would be won by one of these two riders as Harrison’s speed was superior compared to all other riders and Chelsea’s lead was enormous. Over the final 100m Harrison was covering more than 2m’s for every 1 of Chelsea’s and the gap was closing dramatically. On the line it was an exhausted Chelsea by one bike length. Chelsea Oaten managed a pained smile on her warm down lap suitably chuffed with her achievement whilst her parents were beaming on the infield.  

Photo by Ernie Smith  www.erniesmithphoto.com.au
Round 1         
Warm up scratch race
1   Sean Oaten      
2   Dylan Oaten      
3   Chelsea Oaten      
4   Josh Allbon      
U15 Women          
1   Lara Batkin      
2   Hollee Simons      
3   Meg Coffee      
U15 Men          
1   Harrison Carter      
2   Brendan Cole      
3   Kodie Howard      
4   Peiden Telfer      
Round 2         
Wheel-Race Qualifiers
1   Josh Allbon      
2   Sean Oaten      
3   Dylan Oaten      
4   Chelsea Oaten      
U15 Women          
1   Lara Batkin      
2   Hollee Simons      
3   Meg Coffee      
U15 Men          
1   Harrison Carter      
2   Brendan Cole      
3   Anthony Och      
4   Peiden Telfer      
Round 3         
1 lap Screamers          
U13 Boys heat 1    
1   Dylan Oaten   26.25   
2   Chelsea Oaten      
3   Sean Oaten      
4   Josh Allbon      
U15 Boys  heat 1          
1   Sam Coffee   25.53   
2   Nicholas Whymark      
3   Adam Brookfield      
4   Anthony Och      
U15 Boys heat 2          
1   Kodie Howard   22.73   
2   Harrison Carter      
3   Brendan Cole      
4   Bradley Heap      
U15 Girls/mixed heat 1          
1   Peiden Telfer   23.52   
2   Lara Batkin      
3   Hollee Simons      
4   Meg Coffee      
Round 4         
Wheel - Race Final
1   Chelsea Oaten      
2   Harrison Carter      
3   Brendan Cole      
4   Anthony Och      
   Nicholas Wymark      
Round 5         
U13 Combined
1   Sean Oaten      
2   Hollee Simons      
3   Josh Allbon      
4   Meg Coffee      
U15 Combined          
1   Kodie Howard      
2   Harrison Carter      
3   Brendan Cole      
4   Adam Brookfield      

Day 1 Champion of Champions

1   Harrison Carter   18
2   Chelsea Oaten   14
3   Lara Batkin   13
4   Brendan Cole   11
5   Sean Oaten   10
6   Dylan Oaten   10
7   Hollee Simons   8
8   Kodie Howard   7
9   Josh Allbon   7
10   Peiden Telfer   6
11   Sam Coffee   5
12   Meg Coffee   5
13   Anthony Och   5
14   Nicholas Whymark   3
15   Adam Brookfield   2
16   Bradley Heap   1
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2009, 01:33:52 PM »

Sydney Christmas Carnivals         

Dunc Grey  Velodrome, Sydney, Australia         
29th December 2009          

Madison Law has put a strangle hold on the 6 day track meet clocking up maximum points in the combined D Grade and Women Wheel-Race final. Madison riding off a generous handicap was challenged by Emma Sprouster and Donna Meehan on the line with the top four riders tightly packed as they crossed the line. One of the highlights of this carnival has been the solid number of women racing. The Women’s field was one of the biggest I have seen on the Sydney track.

In the A, B and C grade Wheel-Race final it was the middle markers who dominated. The scratchies never looked like making contact with few riders willing to sacrifice their chances in aid of somebody else. The middle markers got down to business quickly chasing down the leaders and setting a solid tempo at the front. In the sprint finishing it was the continuously improving youngster Chad Doering from Penrith who took the victory.

Photo's by David Lane of www.actionsaps.com.au
Round 1         
Warm up scratch race         

1   Madison Law      
2   Emma Sprouster      
3   Brie Maloney      
4   Amy Vesty      
5   Donna Meehan      
D Grade         
1   Anthony New      
2   Andrew Brookfield      
3   Robert Parberry      
4   Glen Asquith      
5   David Lamb      
C Grade         
1   Scott Allen      
2   Ian Dencker      
3   Andre Adins      
4   Michael Clement      
5   Graham Heap      
B Grade          
1   Chad Doering      
2   Harrison Jones      
3   Phillip Dixon      
4   Callum Docker      
5   Peter Lewis      
A Grade          
1   Tirian McManus      
2   Brendan O'Connell      
3   Graeme Albon      
4   Brendan Cole      
5   Simon Llewellyn      
Round 2         
Wheel -races
Women + D Grade          
1   Madison Law      
2   Donna Meehan      
3   Emma Sprouster      
4   Amy Vesty      
A + B + C Grade       
1   Chad Doering      
2   Harrison Jones      
3   Peter Lewis      
4   Phil Dixon       
Round 3         
1 lap Screamers          
Women heat 1   
1   Micaela Hogan   22.81   
2   Rebecca Peters      
3   Hannah Crichton      
4   Kathering Huckstep      
Women heat 2         
1   Amy Vesty   23.89   
2   Imogen Hines      
3   Lise Benjamin      
4   Joanne Troutman      
Women heat 3         
1   Camilla Norman   25.88   
2   Victoria Armstrong      
3   Jessica Norman      
4   Gai Monahan      
Women heat 4         
1   Madison Law   22.62   
2   Donna Meehan      
3   Emma Sprouster      
4   Brie Maloney      
5   Kayla Salopek      
D Grade          
D Grade heat 1   
1   Ethan Doughty   23.26   
2   Nick Bregolin      
3   Glenn Allen      
4   William O'Connell      
D Grade heat 2         
1   Robert Parberry   23.6   
2   Aaran Frater      
3   Anthony New      
4   Andrew Brookfield      
D Grade heat 3         
1   James Kennedy   22.6   
2   Glen Asquith      
3   Phil Cole      
4   David Lamb

C Grade          
C Grade heat 1
1   Hugh Gray   22.43   
2   Graham Tierney      
3   Anthony Burke      
4   Mark Simons      
C Grade heat 2         
1   Graham Heap   21.88   
2   Paul Meehan      
3   Craig Thompson      
4   Ian Dencker      
C Grade heat 3         
1   Alex Walker   22.48   
2   Michael Buckingham      
3   David Moiler      
C Grade heat 4         
1   Theo Theol   21.56   
2   Anton Wurzer      
3   Scott Allen      
C Grade heat 5         
1   Jim Gray   22.91   
2   George Lowe      
3   Michael Clement      
4   Andre Adins      
B Grade          
B Grade  heat 1
1   Allen Townsend   22.04   
2   Mitch Law      
3   David Williams      
4   Christian Lees      
B Grade  heat 2         
1   Ian Mcgregor   20.48   
2   Shaun Colley      
3   Phillip Dixon      
4   Nathan Bradshaw      
B Grade  heat 3         
1   Michael Docker   20.81   
2   Michael Rand      
3   Harrison Jones      
4   Tim Llewellyn      
B Grade  heat 4         
1   Peter Lewis   20.41   
2   Michael Greck      
3   Matt Wallman      
B Grade  heat 5         
1   Stephen Lewis   21.51   
2   Jason Davy      
3   Alexander Chubb      
4   Gerrald O'Connell       
A Grade          
A Grade Heat 1
1   David Browne   21.46   
2   Ian Gardiner      
3   Jules Galli      
4   Brett Fenton      
A Grade Heat 2          
1   David Willmott   20.34   
2   Michael Popplewell      
3   Simon Llewellyn      
4   Stuart Campbell      
A Grade Heat 3    
1   Brendan O'Connell   20.79   
2   Ben Isaksen      
3   James Schneider      
4   Grame Allbon      
A Grade Heat 4          
1   Ben Simonelli   19.96   
2   Tirian McManus      
3   Timothy McMillan      
4   Brendan J Cole      
Round 4         
Winners Race          
1   Madison Law      
2   Emma Sprouster      
3   Brie Maloney      
4   Donna Meehan      
D Grade         
1   Alexis Kaless      
2   Andrew Brookfield      
3   Glenn Allen      
4   Glenn Asquith      
C Grade         
1   George Lowe      
2   Mark Simons      
3   David Moiler      
4   Alex Walker      
B Grade          
1   Alexander Chubb      
2   Chad Doering      
3   Stephen Lewis      
4   Gerard O'connell      
A Grade          
1   Simon Llewellyn      
2   Tirian McManus      
3   Ben Simonelli      
4   David Browne      
Round 5         
Women's Miss'n Out Handicap
1   Amy Vesty      
2   Rebecca Peters      
3   Kayla Salopek      
4   Victoria Armstrong      
D Grade Miss'n Out Handicap          
1   Rob Parberry      
2   Aaron Frater      
3   William O'Connell      
4   Glenn Allen      
C Grade Miss'n Out Handicap          
1   Craig Thompson      
2   Hugh Gray      
3   Michael Buckingham      
4   Jim Gray      
B+ A  Miss'n Out Handicap          
1   Tirian McManus      
2   Harrison Jones      
3   Chad Doering      
4   Christian Lees      
1   Red Backs.........   Schneider / Simonelli    
2   Dulwich Hill......   Llewellyn / Wallman    
3   Eastern Subs....   Gardnier / Campbell    
4   Manning Valley......    Lewis / Lewis    
5   Bicisport........    Browne / Dixon    
6   Dulwich Hill 2.......   Chubss / Llewellyn    
7   Weetbix......   O'Connell / Galli    

Points for Day 1

A  Grade    
 SIMONELLI, Benjamin     10
 LLEWELLYN, Simon     10
 BROWNE, David     9
 MCMANUS, Tirian     9
 O'CONNELL, Brendan     8
 ISAKSEN, Ben     6
GARDINER, Ian    6
 POPPLEWELL, Michael     6
 MCMILLAN, Timothy     5
 SCHNEIDER, James     5
 GALLI, Jules     5
 WILLMOTT, David     5
 COLE, Brendan J     4
CAMPBELL, Staurt    4
 ALLBON, Graeme     4
FENTON, Brett    4
 TRIGGS, Jared     3
CASH, Darren    0
 BISSAKER, Edward     0
LAW, Madison    21
 MEEHAN, Donna     12
SPROUSTER, Emma    11
 VESTY, Amy     10
 HOGAN, Micaela     8
 NORMAN, Camilla     8
 MOLONEY, Brie    6
 HINES, Imogen     6
PETERS, Rebecca    6
 ARMSTRONG, Victoria     6
 CRICHTON, Hannah     5
 BENJAMIN, Lise     5
 NORMAN, Jessica     5
 SALOPEK, Kayla     4
 TROUTMAN, Joanne     4
 MONAHAN, Gai     4
 HUCKSTEP, Katherine     4
MILLS Kirsty    0
GILBERT, Kate    0
B Grade   
 LEWIS, Peter     11
DOERING, Chad    11
 CHUBB, Alexander     10
JONES, Harrison    10
 LEWIS, Stephen     10
 DOCKER, Michael     8
MCGREGOR, Ian    8
TOWNSEND, Alan   8
 DIXON, Phillip     7
 COLLEY, Shaun     6
 DAVY, Jason     6
 RAND, Michael     6
 GRECK, Michael     6
 O'CONNELL, Gerard     5
WALLMAN, Matt   5
 WILLIAMS, David     5
 LLEWELLYN, Timothy     4
 LEES, Christian     4
 BRADSHAW, Nathan     4
 DOCKER, Callum     3
 BATEMAN, Timothy     0
BAKKER Jelle    0
 HUGHES, Tim     0
 BAXTER, Geoffrey     0
 NGUYEN, John    0
C Grade    
 LOWE, George     11
 WALKER, Alex     10
 THEOL, Theo     8
 GRAY, Hugh     8
HEAP, Graham    8
GRAY Jim    8
SIMONS Mark    7
 MOILER, David     7
 MEEHAN, Paul     6
 TIERNEY, Graham     6
 LAW, Mitch    6
 WURZER, Anton     6
BUCKINGHAM, Michael    6
 THOMPSON, Craig     5
CLEMENT, Michael    5
 BURKE, Anthony     5
 ALLEN, Scott     5
DENCKER, Ian    4
 ADINS, Andre     4
 PAUL, Ryan     0
MILLER Stu    0
LEIFELS Neil    0
HAYES Clifford    0
 DEVLIN, Tim     0
 EVES, Craig     0
 LACEY, Mark     0
CHIDGEY, Micheal    0
D Grade    
KALESS, Alexis    9
 PARBERY, Robert     8
DOUGHTY, Ethan    8
KENNEDY, James    8
 BROOKFIELD, Andrew     7
 ALLEN, Glenn     7
 BREGOLIN, Nick     6
 FRATER, Aaron     6
 ASQUITH, Glenn   5
 NEW, Anthony     5
 COLE, Phil     5
LAMB, David    4
 O'CONNELL, William     4
PETERS Brian    0
RAFERTY Peter    0
 NICPON, James     0
HALES, Mark    0
CRAIG Mark    0
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2009, 03:09:56 AM »

Fats' Folly
by fats » Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:30 am

Tuesday 29th December 2009

Christmas Carnival, round 1 - DGV

Tough night racing last night. Didn’t help being in Div 4 and the commentator saying when announcing us that I was a favorite to win the Div 4 series. Gee’s talk about pressure. I actually half agreed with him (before I feel like I do now!) and so already had some expectations.

12 lap warm-up scratch (wheel race qualifier, top 5 through): Badly positioned throughout, just admiring some awfully stupid things some guy’s did, but got close enough to the front to catch the attack and settle for second.

Wheelrace Final Div 4 and women: Now this was different. Never raced the girls before but knew that it wouldn’t be easy. Rather than being off 230m and being the hare I was off 30m and chasing. Only a few behind me, a guy right in front and since we were on the corner I couldn’t get enough speed to go around him so had to wait for the straight. While waiting a couple of scratch girls past us as they started on the straight and could get enough speed up. Behind me also being held up were Emma and an older guy, and when they came around I got on them and we just hooked around passing heaps of people till the older guy started to fade, Emma and I are yelling at him to go which worked once but after that he was holding us up. By now we weren’t too far off the leaders and just behind the scratch girls but by time Emma decided to get around this bloke with one lap to go I couldn’t hold her kick and she gapped me. Emma caught the lead bunch and placed and I was 5th missing a point by 40m, so it was close but not close enough. First guy home but a lot of effort for no reward. If Emma had gone around earlier I would have gone with her possibly placed but it was her sprint that got me.

4 up One Lap screamer: Disappointed. Missed the start so badly, stupid mistake just not expecting the whistle so quick. 1 lap screamers are definitely not my forte but I’m improving and expected to do better. I’ll know better for tonight. Still learning. A disappointing 4th whilst pulling a muscle in my thigh. Oh, and Alchemist kicked my butt and won well.

Winner race 20 laps: 10 laps and then a sprint every 2 laps, 4 winners sprint off for places. Luckily I won the first sprint with a lunge after leaving the door open underneath me. I say luckily as I have previously in a winner race just lost the first sprint, kept going for the second and lost it by a nose and blown up, game over. (Not the first and won’t be the last!) The sprint hurt so I just concentrated on staying as close to the front as I could with out killing myself. After there were four of us left I was at the back but had recovered enough to put in an attack rounding up two, chased hard to get first but couldn’t quite close it down and came second by 20m. Very hard 20 laps but happy to have got some good points.

Handicap Miss and out: I didn’t bother as I was totally stuffed by then and having a sore leg and no points up for grabs I decided to save it for tomorrow. Well done Alchemist for a great win.

All up pretty happy with the nights work, but a lot harder than I was expecting. I think the expectation to place makes you push yourself that much harder, and you’re in the wind a lot more attacking, where as if I was in Div 3 I would have just been circulating with the pack and sprinting at the end not expecting any results. This morning I’m pretty tired and the legs a but sore but not enough to not have a go tonight at Hurstville. Not sure I’ll back up too well as I don’t recover that quick but I’ll be giving it my best and just hope everyone else are tired too. Not too sure if it’s worth going for points in the wheel race though, took a lot out of me for no reward.
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