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Author Topic: Point Score  (Read 4843 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: December 29, 2009, 02:12:24 PM »

Sydney Christmas Carnivals 2009/10

Overall Wrap-up

What an amazing success! The 2009/10 Carnivals exceeded most people’s expectations and we hope to be able to grow on this success in future years. I received a significant amount of positive comments in regards to the series; however I quite like Fat’s (aka Andrew Brookfield) comment posted on his blog;
“The genius of this carnival is that it forces you to race at venues you (or for me) probably wouldn’t consider racing at. Both Hurstville and Lidcombe have been a revelation showing me there’s more to track racing than the sanitised environ of Dunc Gray and will definitely give their club racing consideration.”

Low points for the Senior Carnival were of course the two separate crashes of Nathan Bradshaw and Mark Craig. For those of you who didn’t see Nathan, he returned to the day 4 event in good spirits and keen to race. He was also there to thank the first aid attendant form the carnival Anne-Marie, who had done a professional job at both accidents. Mark is on the road to recovery however, still in a fair bit of pain after his off at Lidcombe Oval. I am sure everyone joins me in wishing him a speedy return to full health.

The Junior carnivals were truly spectacular with a brilliant format that will definitely be repeated next year. The points system, producing the top 5 riders at each carnival, inclusive of all grades and genders, was well received and astonishingly created a different top 5 at every event from varying age groups.

The Senior Point Series

A Grade was a mesmerising point’s ladder with five different leaders’ through-out the series
•   Day 1 Ben Simonelli  
•   Day 2 Simon llewellyn
•   Day 3 Brendon Cole
•   Day 4 Tirian McManus
•   Final Day Ben Simonelli
Brendon Cole dominated the series on day 2 and 3 and many believed that he was unstoppable however, it was clear that the outdoor tracks were more suited to the Lismore rider and with the last two days back at the DGV he was brought down a peg or two. In the end it was Ben Simonelli’s dogged determination that won through over Tirian McManus’ youthful gusto.

The Women’s field was outstanding with 20 riders competing in the series. The rising star of Amy Vesty (DHBC) continues, as she took an impressive second place, however she was outshone by Illawarra’s Madison Law who showed complete dominance in the sprint events. Despite the handicappers best efforts to level the playing field Madison showed maturity beyond her years to also score points in her less favoured endurance events. Madison was full of praise for the experience she had gained during the series and hopes to use it in her attempts to win a National title later this summer.

B Grade was the closest and most fiercely fought battle of all. The top three riders all scored 44 points apiece leading to a count back on the results of the final race of the series. It was quickly determined that Alex Chubbs would be crowned champion ahead of returning rider Phil Dixon with young National Champion Michael Docker in third. This result only came about after Stephen Lewis was rightfully relegated from 2nd place in the final race. Had Stephen held his line Michael Docker would have won the series 1 point clear of Alex Chubbs. I would like to commend all the B grade riders on this brilliant series, interestingly 4th and 5th were also on equal points with Lewis’s relegation pushing Queenslander Gerard O’Connell out of the top 4. Gerard was particularly disappointed as part of the prize pack for 4th included a jumbo jar of Aussie Butt Cream witch the former world champion desperately wanted to get his hands on.    

C Grade was all about one man, ultra strong triathlete George Lowe! George has learnt allot of the last year and can now point his bike in a fairly straight line. His power was visibly impressive to which most of the C grade bunch had no response however, more inspiring was his ability to maximise his power tactically, which is something he has only just began to master.  Second placed Theo Theol rode well to be undefeated in the sprint events but had no answer against Lowe’s endurance.

D Grade became a battle of the mates with Andrew Brookfield (aka Fat’s) and Rob Parbery (aka Alchemist) clashing swords throughout the series. You can read their ongoing battle on the daily reports on www.rawtrack.com.au. Bankstown duo of Glen Asquith and Anthony New rode superbly improving each day to take third and forth respectively. I was particularly impressed with Glen’s ability to suffer as he pushed himself beyond his limits on several occasions.

I sincerely hope that this event continues to grow in the coming years to become a nationally recognised option for the holiday period. The Queensland group that travelled loved the racing and the experience. They have vowed to return in greater numbers next year.  A big thank you to the Sprouster family and Peter Buckingham who made themselves available at every event. I would of course love to publically thank our many sponsors who supported this event.
•   Bont cycling Shoes
•   Shimanio
•   TWE Wheels  
•   YBN Chains
•   Peter Bundy Cycles
•   M.F.Coaching
•   Aussie Butt Cream
•   RSTERN Coaching
•   Verofit
•   ABC Bikes Liverpool
•   Continental Tyres
•   Netti

I would also like to personally thank Jim and Col Bundy whose continued support of cycling in NSW is invaluable. Let’s do it again next year!

Final results after 5 carnivals

A  Grade    
 SIMONELLI, Benjamin     56
 MCMANUS, Tirian     52
 COLE, Brendan J     48
 BROWNE, David     45
 O'CONNELL, Brendan     41
 LLEWELLYN, Simon     35
 WILLMOTT, David     21
 MCMILLAN, Timothy     20
 TRIGGS, Jared     12
FENTON, Brett    12
 ALLBON, Graeme     12
 ISAKSEN, Ben     11
 SCHNEIDER, James     10
 GALLI, Jules     9
GARDINER, Ian    6
 POPPLEWELL, Michael     6
 FERANDA, Ivan    5
CAMPBELL, Staurt    4
LAW, Madison    68
 VESTY, Amy     54
 MEEHAN, Donna     45
 MOLONEY, Brie    43
 HOGAN, Micaela     42
 SALOPEK, Kayla     39
 NORMAN, Camilla     30
 ARMSTRONG, Victoria     30
 TROUTMAN, Joanne     29
 CRICHTON, Hannah     28
 NORMAN, Jessica     20
 MONAHAN, Gai     20
PETERS, Rebecca    16
 HINES, Imogen     14
SPROUSTER, Emma    11
MILLS Kirsty    10
 HUCKSTEP, Katherine     10
 BENJAMIN, Lise     9
B Grade   
 CHUBB, Alexander     44
 DIXON, Phillip     44
 DOCKER, Michael     44
 O'CONNELL, Gerard     34
 COLLEY, Shaun     34
 DOCKER, Callum     30
WALLMAN, Matt   26
 LLEWELLYN, Timothy     25
 LEES, Christian     22
 LEWIS, Stephen     20
 RAND, Michael     19
 DAVY, Jason     17
 LEWIS, Peter     17
DOERING, Chad    16
JONES, Harrison    14
MCGREGOR, Ian    14
 BATEMAN, Timothy     10
YOUNGMAN Luke    10
TOWNSEND, Alan   8
BAKKER Jelle    8
 BRADSHAW, Nathan     7
 GRECK, Michael     6
 WILLIAMS, David     5
ROBINSON, Reece   5
 HUGHES, Tim     4
C Grade    
 LOWE, George     51
 THEOL, Theo     41
 MEEHAN, Paul     39
DENCKER, Ian    36
 THOMPSON, Craig     35
 ADINS, Andre     35
 LAW, Mitch    33
 GRAY, Hugh     32
 WURZER, Anton     30
 TIERNEY, Graham     27
BUCKINGHAM, Michael    26
 BURKE, Anthony     19
 PAUL, Ryan     17
 WALKER, Alex     16
GRAY Jim    14
CHIDGEY, Micheal    14
LANE Stuart    13
HEAP, Graham    13
SIMONS Mark    13
 PLATTS-BAGGS, Anthony   13
CLEMENT, Michael    11
 MOILER, David     11
 LACEY, Mark     9
MILLER Stu    9
LANGDON Michael    8
MASSON, Bruce   8
EGGINS, Nigel    5
 ALLEN, Scott     5
BREEN, Michael   4
LEIFELS Neil    4
HAYES Clifford    4
D Grade    
 BROOKFIELD, Andrew     57
 PARBERY, Robert     45
 ASQUITH, Glenn   35
 NEW, Anthony     31
 FRATER, Aaron     29
 BREGOLIN, Nick     27
PETERS Brian    26
KENNEDY, James    26
LAMB, David    24
DOUGHTY, Ethan    21
 O'CONNELL, William     21
 ALLEN, Glenn     17
CRAIG Mark    15
 COLE, Phil     14
GARARD Nathan    9
WILKINS Chris    9
KALESS, Alexis    9
RAFERTY Peter    5
HALES, Mark    3
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2009, 03:06:34 PM »

It wouldn’t be a cycling carnival without some controversy

From Day 1

It was pointed out to me by an astute reader “how did Shaun Colley place in the Wheel-Race on day one, when he didn’t place in the top 5 in the Scratch race results?”
 I replied that I would look into it. I noted that on the hand written results Shaun was placed 6th and remembered that the finish of the race was very close. I searched a bit harder and found on www.actionsnaps.com.au some photo’s of the finish of the scratch race.

Photo 1
Chad Doering taking the win. Shaun Colley obscured at the bottom of the track

Photo 2

The sprint for second, shows Shaun Colley (TWE Skinsuit, White disc) fighting out for 5th place with Peter Lewis (extreme top)

In the end the Judges recorded
B Grade          
1   Chad Doering      
2   Harrison Jones      
3   Phillip Dixon      
4   Callum Docker      
5   Peter Lewis    

Judges decision is of course final!

So it seems Shaun Colley snuck his way into the Wheel-Race. I can assure you that this was due Shaun being of the honest belief that he was 5th in the Scratch race. I know Shaun well enough to say that this would not have been an intentional trick, just a simple misunderstanding. Shaun, from my experience, is a really good bloke!

How to resolve
•   Shaun rode a brilliant race in the Wheel-race to place 2nd
•   Unfortunately, he will now have to be removed from the results
•   The points allocated for the series, will need to be adjusted (just not tonight... too tired.)

New Results
A + B + C Grade      
1   Chad Doering      
2    Harrison Jones      
3    Peter Lewis    
4    Phil Dixon
I sincerely hope that all riders understand that the above changes are required and respect the decision.  
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2010, 06:42:53 AM »

Points have been updated after Day 5 final event with report. 

any errors send me an email pcraft@vtown.com.au
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