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Author Topic: Day 3- Fri 1st Jan 2010 @ Lidcombe Oval by LACC  (Read 8118 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: December 31, 2009, 09:47:39 PM »

Day 3 of the Sydney Christmas Carnivals

Lidcombe Oval
Presented by LACC and RAW Track

Carnival Sponsor YBN Chains


Please bring proof of payment for your 2010 Licence
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2010, 12:46:15 PM »

Sydney Junior Christmas Carnivals         
Day 3         
Lidcombe Oval, Sydney, Australia         
1st January 2010         
Round 1         
Warm up scratch race         
1   Thomas Cornish      
2   Miles Wilkons      
3   Nathan Craig      
4   Sally Potter      
1   Damon Marshall      
2   Sean Oaten      
3   Sari Matrevski      
4   Dylan Oaten      
1   Kodie Howard      
2   Brendan Cole      
3   Lara Batkin      
4   Anthony Och      
Round 2         
Wheel-Race Qualifiers          
U9's and 11's
1   Thomas Cornish      
2   Christian Barraducci      
3   Nathan Craig      
4   Jonathan Och      
5   Olivia Wilkins      
1   Chelsea Oaten      
2   Sean Oaten      
3   Damon Marshall      
4   Dylan Oaten      
5   Ray Fenton      
1   Kodie Howard      
2   Brendan Cole      
3   Lara Batkin      
4   Anthony Och      
5   Connor Vernon      
Round 3         
1 lap Screamers          
U9 and 11 Girls   
1   Sally Potter      
2   Ashlee Jones      
3   Olivia Wilkins      
U9 and 11 Boys  heat 1          
1   Nathan Craig      
2   Jonathan Och      
3   Jason Brookfield      
U9 and 11 Boys heat 2         
1   Miles Wilkins      
2   Christian Berraducci      
3   Thomas Cornish      
U13 girls          
1   Sari Mitrevski      
2   Chelsea Oaten      
3   Laura Jones      
U13 Boys          
1   Damon Marshall   40.79   
2   Dylan Oaten      
3   Ray Fenton      
4   Sean Oaten      
U15's heat 1         
1   Jacob Jones   41.03   
2   Connor Vernon      
3   Michale Potter      
4   Adam Brookfield      
U15's heat 2
1   Kodie Howard   36.61   
2   Brendan Cole      
3   Lara Batkin      
4   Nick Whymark      
Round 4         
Wheel - Race Final          
U9, U11,U13
1   Ashlee Jones      
2   Thomas Cornish      
3   Sean Oaten      
4   Chelsea Oaten      
1   Brendan Cole      
2   Kodie Howard      
3   Lara Batkin      
4   Nick Whymark
Round 5         
U13 Combined
1   Thomas Cornish      
2   Damon Marshall      
3   Dylan Oaten      
4   Chelsea Oaten      
U15 Combined          
1   Kodie Howard      
2   Brendan Cole      
3   Adam Brookfield      
4   Nick Whymark      
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2010, 12:50:48 PM »

Sydney Christmas Carnivals         
Day 3          
Lidcombe Oval          
1st January 2010         


The Sydney Christmas Carnival circus travelled to Lidcombe Oval for day 3. Lidcombe is another outdoor flat track and the longest of all the velodromes in the carnival sitting at a massive 440m round. If you get a chance have a look at the track on Google earth and you will discover it is a perfect circle except for a front straight. It is this straight piece of track that actually creates two very interesting left turns to enter and exit the straight.  These turns can wreak havoc with unfamiliarised riders and a riders briefing was held to point out the idiosyncrasies of the track.

The big wheel-race of the night was possibly the best of the series with the crowd left guessing to the final meters as to who would take the victory. On paper it looked as if the scratchies had their best chance yet, with slightly tighter handicapping and a longer distance (1760m). But no one had told C grader George Lowe who swooped past the leaders and went on a lonely voyage to try his luck at holding out the back markers. B grader Shaun Colley knowing the strength of George launched an aggressive move to chase solo the lone rider. Shaun was to get within an agonisingly close 2m of latching on to George’s wheel but no closer and would play no further part in the overall outcome of the race.

George Lowe leads Shaun Colley who faild to close the tiny 2m gap.

 The backmarkers sensing a win formed a solid train and set about reeling in all ahead, it was at the halfway point were the race took a dramatic change, when pre-race favourite Ben Simonelli cracked. This allowed Tirain McManus to unleash his significant power knowing that he would not be towing Simonelli to a seemingly easy victory. This was also a queue for fellow A graders David Browne and Brendon O’Connell to grab the young National champions wheel as the three went in pursuit of George Lowe. In the Final meters of the race the group caught Lowe and it was crowd favourite David Browne who had either the most in reserve or the highest pain tolerance to take a stylish win.  

McManus unleashes with Browne (obscured) and O'Connell (yellow) in tow

Round 1         
Warm up scratch race         
1   Madison Law      
2   Kayla Salopek      
3   Amy Vesty      
4   Brie Maloney      
5   Victoria Armstrong      
D Grade         
1   Mark Craig      
2   Robert Parbery      
3   Andrew Brookfield      
4   Anthony New      
5   Glenn Asquith      
C Grade         
1   George Lowe      
2   Craig Thompson      
3   Andre Adins      
4   Ian Dencker      
5   Graham Tierney      
B Grade          
1   Michael Docker      
2   Callum Docker      
3   Phillip Dixon      
4   Timothy Llewellyn      
5   Shaun Colley      
A Grade          
1   Brendon Cole      
2   Tirian McManus      
3   Benjamin Simonelli      
4   Brendon Cole      
5   David Browne      
Round 2         
Wheel -races
Women + D Grade    
1   Andrew Brookfield      
2   Brie Maloney      
3   Amy Vesty      
4   Mark Craig      
   Kaylah Salopek      
A + B + C Grade          
1   David Browne      
2   Brendan O'Connell      
3   George Lowe      
4   Phillip Dixon      
   Tirian McManus      
Round 3         
1 lap Screamers          
Women heat 1
1   Joanne Troutman   39.27   
2   Hannah Crichton      
3   Jessica Norman      
Women heat 2         
1   Brie Maloney   39.23   
2   Victoria Armstrong      
3   Camilla Norman      
4   Gai Monahan      
Women heat 3         
1   Madison Law   35.49   
2   Micaela Hogan      
3   Amy Vesty      
4   Kayla Salopek      
D Grade          
D Grade heat 1
1   James Kennedy   ?   
2   Chris Wilkins      
3   Aaron Frater      
4   William O'Connell      
D Grade heat 2   
1   Mark Craig   37.27   
2   David Lamb      
3   Anthony New      
4   Glenn Asquith      
D Grade heat 3
1   Robert Parbery   36.89   
2   Andrew Brookfield      
3   Ethan Doughty      
4   Nick Bregolin      
C Grade          
C Grade heat 1
1   Graham Tierney   36.07   
2   Michael Buckingham      
3   Stuart Lane      
4   Michael Breen      
C Grade heat 2         
1   Mitch Law       34.43   
2   Ian Dencker      
3   Craig Thompson      
C Grade heat 3         
1   Anton Wurzer   35.09   
2   Andre Adins      
3   Mark Lacey      
C Grade heat 4         
1   Theo Theol   34.77   
2   Paul Meehan      
3   Hugh Gray      
4   George Lowe      
B Grade          
B Grade  heat 1
1   Matt Wallman   35.7   
2   Luke Youngman      
3   Christian Lees      
B Grade  heat 2         
1   Callum Docker   33.91   
2   Jason Davey      
3   Timothy Llewellyn      
4   Shaun Colley      
B Grade  heat 3
1   Gerard O'Connell   32.88   
2   Phillip Dixon      
3   Michael Docker      
4   Alexander Chubb      
A Grade          
A Grade Heat 1
1   Tirian McManus   32.24   
2   Brendan O'Connell      
3   Ivan Feranda      
A Grade Heat 2          
1   Brendan Cole   31.54   
2   Benjamin Simonelli      
3   David Browne      
4   Simon Llewellyn      
Round 4         
Winners Race
1   Kayla Salopek      
2   Madison Law      
3   Amy Vesta      
4   Brie Moloney      
D Grade         
1   Mark Craig      
2   Andrew Brookfield      
3   Chris Wilkins      
4   Glenn Asquith      
C Grade         
1   George Lowe      
2   Craig Thompson      
3   Andre Adins      
4   Ian Dencker      
B Grade          
1   Alexander Chubb      
2   Phillip Dixon      
3   Michael Docker      
4   Timothy Llewellyn      
A Grade          
1   Brendan Cole      
2   Tirian McManus      
3   Simon Llewellyn      
4   Brendan O'Connell      
Round 5   
1st   Back Straight, Team Simonelli      
Smashed   Front Straight, Team McManus      
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2010, 01:20:53 PM »

Points From Day 3

Top scorers from Lidcombe Oval

A  Grade    
 BROWNE, David     13
 COLE, Brendan J     13
 O'CONNELL, Brendan     12
 MCMANUS, Tirian     11
 SIMONELLI, Benjamin     6
 LLEWELLYN, Simon     6
 FERANDA, Ivan    5
FENTON, Brett    3
 ISAKSEN, Ben     0
GARDINER, Ian    0
 POPPLEWELL, Michael     0
 MCMILLAN, Timothy     0
 SCHNEIDER, James     0
 GALLI, Jules     0
 WILLMOTT, David     0
CAMPBELL, Staurt    0
 ALLBON, Graeme     0
 TRIGGS, Jared     0
CASH, Darren    0
 BISSAKER, Edward     0
 MOLONEY, Brie    14
LAW, Madison    11
 VESTY, Amy     10
 SALOPEK, Kayla     9
 TROUTMAN, Joanne     8
 HOGAN, Micaela     6
 ARMSTRONG, Victoria     6
 CRICHTON, Hannah     6
 NORMAN, Camilla     5
 NORMAN, Jessica     5
 MONAHAN, Gai     4
 MEEHAN, Donna     0
SPROUSTER, Emma    0
 HINES, Imogen     0
PETERS, Rebecca    0
 BENJAMIN, Lise     0
 HUCKSTEP, Katherine     0
MILLS Kirsty    0
GILBERT, Kate    0
B Grade   
 DIXON, Phillip     11
 CHUBB, Alexander     9
 O'CONNELL, Gerard     8
WALLMAN, Matt   8
 DOCKER, Callum     8
 DOCKER, Michael     7
 DAVY, Jason     6
 LLEWELLYN, Timothy     6
YOUNGMAN Luke    6
 LEES, Christian     5
 COLLEY, Shaun     4
 HUGHES, Tim     3
 LEWIS, Peter     0
DOERING, Chad    0
JONES, Harrison    0
 LEWIS, Stephen     0
MCGREGOR, Ian    0
TOWNSEND, Alan   0
 RAND, Michael     0
 GRECK, Michael     0
 WILLIAMS, David     0
 BRADSHAW, Nathan     0
 BATEMAN, Timothy     0
BAKKER Jelle    0
 BAXTER, Geoffrey     0
 NGUYEN, John    0
C Grade    
 LOWE, George     11
 THEOL, Theo     8
 TIERNEY, Graham     8
 LAW, Mitch    8
 WURZER, Anton     8
 ADINS, Andre     8
 THOMPSON, Craig     7
DENCKER, Ian    7
 MEEHAN, Paul     6
BUCKINGHAM, Michael    6
 GRAY, Hugh     5
LANE Stuart    5
 LACEY, Mark     4
Michael Breen    4
 WALKER, Alex     0
HEAP, Graham    0
GRAY Jim    0
SIMONS Mark    0
 MOILER, David     0
CLEMENT, Michael    0
 BURKE, Anthony     0
 ALLEN, Scott     0
 PAUL, Ryan     0
MILLER Stu    0
LEIFELS Neil    0
HAYES Clifford    0
 DEVLIN, Tim     0
 EVES, Craig     0
CHIDGEY, Micheal    0
D Grade    
 BROOKFIELD, Andrew     17
CRAIG Mark    15
WILKINS Chris    9
 PARBERY, Robert     8
KENNEDY, James    8
LAMB, David    6
DOUGHTY, Ethan    5
 FRATER, Aaron     5
 ASQUITH, Glenn   5
 NEW, Anthony     5
 BREGOLIN, Nick     4
 O'CONNELL, William     4
KALESS, Alexis    0
 ALLEN, Glenn     0
 COLE, Phil     0
PETERS Brian    0
RAFERTY Peter    0
 NICPON, James     0
HALES, Mark    0
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I guess it's my turn...

I spent the day off out on the Mountain bike playing in the mud in the morning and a late afternoon cruise on the fixed crosser so not much rest for me.

D grade warm up scratch 8 laps: Took this fairly easily but a few new faces from LACC where busy trying to break the field up a bit, so had to watch the attacks.  Managed to disrupt the final LACC train and get Mark Craig's wheel to cruise in for second with Fats on my hip for 3rd.

D and women’s Wheel race: With Amy & Fats just behind me and another rider in front I was pretty happy with the handicap.  Started well and straight onto the wheel in front and we made steady progress, but not fast enough to hold off the rest off the girls so I lifted the pace.  After a lap on the front I swung up only to have  Amy & Fats both swing up with me, preferring to keep the pace solid I put my head back down for another lap on the front.  Two laps into the wind was too much and just as we came out of the wind on the last lap everyone swamped me.  Fats took the win and now has a big lead in the points

D Grade 1 lap screamer: I'd been hoping we'd be rained into DG, since around a 250m track I'm fairly confident of taking the win, but over 440m he's got much more time to overcome his considerable inertia.  On the line I heard someone whisper to Ethan "don't start hard, just make sure you get his wheel and pass him late"  Had a good start and tried to get down low and keep accelerating into the wind around the back, from here I thought I was gone but managed to hold everyone out.  Fats rolled Ethan on the line to grab 2nd

Winners' Race 14(?) laps: Thought the sprint to go for tonight would be #3, with probably the LACC guys going for 1 & 2.  I think that was the way it worked out.  Coming into the 3rd sprint Fats was on my outside & I thought I had him covered with a least being able to follow him through and go for 4, then from behind Nick(?) launch fast and I had nothing to counter and couldn't hold the pace for another lap so pulled out.  Mark Craig took the win but unfortunately had a nasty crash after the finished as he stopped pedaling.  Fats took second easing up so much to his releif he didn't plow into the back of Mark's crash

ITALIANO GRANDE: Around in the back straight everyone organised themselves and Brownie offered some words of wisdom to those unfamiliar with the Italian to those of in Team Simonelli.  On the front Jessica was telling everyone how slow she was but she started very quickly catching me out (and no doubt a lot of the others) with her acceleration, ground was quickly made on the other team.  Around the other side Trouty put in a big turn to catch it back up.  5 m up was the call as I came through the front straight. From there we just kept getting quicker catching the Team McManus, the sideline called for the whistle but sensibly Team Simonelli backed off and the racing continued.  A couple of riders from Team McManus kicked hard and the gaps appeared and they were caught again this time there was nothing for it and the Whistle blown to end the race.  It was also the signal for the fireworks Crafty had ordered to start - not quite NYE Sydney Harbour style but we appreciate the effort.

With just two more nights of racing it's going to be hard to catch fats now.

BNA Div 4 Challenge:
Fats: 37 points
Alchemist: 26 points
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« Reply #5 on: January 01, 2010, 11:59:34 PM »

Nice one Rob. Here's mine.

1st  January 2010
Christmas Carnival Day 3 – Lidcombe Oval

Thanks to the Christmas Carnival this is probably the first New Years Day in 30 years I that I didn’t have a hangover and although I missed the revelry with the mates I think after last night it was worth it. Having never been to Lidcombe, or their oval for that matter, my initial thoughts on seeing the track weren’t complementary with it’s narrow, flat, 400m+ circuit having two distinct corners which to me screamed crash. But like the ugly school girl every one loved to tease they’re not so bad once you get to know them. Infact I quite liked the turns in the end as it seemed to me if you were on the inside coming on to the finish straight you could make half a bike length taking the short route.

Junior Durney races: Again it was a good way to get to know the circuit and wake the legs up and feel how strong the wind was by dragging the kids around. Jason didn’t get to finish he was so slow. I kept dropping him as if I rode that slow I’d fall over. Adam did a lot better and showed again how he’s an endurance rider where he’s only getting his legs by the last race. After 8 consistent hard laps he battled on the last for a well earnt 3rd.
D Grade 6 lap warm-up Scratch: The tactic of the day was obviously don’t be on the front at all cost except the last lap. I sat in enjoyed the tow, kept my eye on the lap board and ensured I was in the top 5 to make the wheel race.

D Grade/Womens Wheel Race
: I perused the programme for my mark and to my shock and horror the Womens scratchie had a mark of 90m! So after pointing this obvious error out to the organisers I was happy with my 45m advantage. A good start and I was away in the middle of the field. Fortunately the markers ahead of me could motor and I sat in hiding from that hideous wind. It got down to two ahead of me and we were leading and I was sure the fast girls were sitting on behind us. Poor Rob, my Div 4 compatriot, ended up doing about 2 laps on the front as no matter how hard he tried to get the next girl to come through there was now way she was going to do that. I felt a little sorry for him so I tried to move up from third to take over for him but he shut the door and I got to sit in again. Then Amy went, Brie came around me and I was hot on their heel’s thinking “Gee, I could place in one of the God forsaken waste of energy races”. With the final corner arriving and no Maddison (scratchie) in sight my ambitions very suddenly changed from placing to winning, and drove it around the outside as hard as I could and rolled the girls that had made me look slow the 2 previous wheel races. You little beauty! For once the cards fell my way and it worked out for me the perfect race.

D Grade 1 Lap Screamers: From today the top four points leaders would be bunched so rightly there would be no gift points on offer. Your going to really have to earn them. Rob got a great start, no matter how hard I pushed, my foot just seemed to hover in the same spot, like it refused to move, but finally I got my “carcass moving” (thanks Paul!)  and wasn’t too far behind. I accidently moved down on young Ethan and crowded him a bit but he held his nerve and line and stayed ahead of me. I had to work really hard to get up to the speed of the guy’s ahead and thankfully due to either favourable gearing or Ethan fading slightly I just pipped him on the line for second, re-enforcing the old “it ‘aint over till it’s over” adage. Well done Rob for first. My Everest now is to beat you in one of these.
Hell and back Winners race - 16 laps, 4 sprints, 4 winners see who has anything left: Forgive me if I get any details wrong here as this race was a bit of a blur due to tiredness taking it’s toll, not only on me but others too it seems. The races come around quick and there’s not much time to recover from the last sprint so we set of at a pedestrian speed for about 4 laps until Glen decided he’d see who wanted to play. This got things going to the first sprint and to be honest I was just struggling to stay with the bunch rather than thinking about competing for the sprint which Mark took and stayed out front. It slowed after that a bit and I decided I should move towards the front to give myself a bit of a chance for the next one. I looked behind knowing Rob would be there and sure enough he was, did half a lap on the front and thought I’d give him a turn which he’s always good for but the whistle went again already so I decided I better not get blocked in so sat beside Rob keeping an eye on him thinking it would be between him and me, but  then a flash of green and yellow went past us like we were standing still and Chris picked up a brilliant second sprint.

Only two to go and I was getting concerned as energy stores were depleting quickly. I vaguely remember Glen having another attack which I went with and I think I got him on the line with an all out last effort for the night to take the third.  I kept the tempo going and caught Mark and sat on his wheel for a bit of a rest. Glen won the fourth thankfully keeping Rob out of the points and he and Chris dropped off leaving Mark and I to battle for the win. I have to Give Mark credit here as he did the last 2 or 3 laps on the front without a hint of care about me sitting on him saving myself for the last effort. He must have known something because once he went I had nothing and could only watch him draw away in the final fifty. I don’t know if I was trying to hide next to the fence having being so well beaten but I fortunately swung wide after giving up as much to my horror all I saw was Mark sliding along the ground after the finish line. It looked nasty and took the gloss of a good race and his great win but thankfully he was sitting up at one stage and apparently wanted to go dancing, no doubt to celebrate his win,  and so with the first class care from First Aid, the ambo was called to ensure his safety. Best wishes Mark.

The genius of this carnival is that it forces you to race at venues you, or for me probably wouldn’t consider racing at. Both Hurstville and Lidcombe have been a revelation showing me there’s more to track racing than the sanitised environ of Dunc Gray and will definitely give their club racing consideration. Walking away with a Wheel race win was a real highlight for me but also winning some close sprints gave me great satisfaction and made it a night to remember .
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