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Author Topic: Own your own number (OLD)  (Read 48933 times)
Posts: leet

If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: May 03, 2009, 04:09:05 AM »

Own Your Number

Max of 3 numbers (0-999)

You can order your own personal number for RAW Track which will display your Number, Your Name or Nick Name and your sponsor or Club.

•   No Hassles quicker sign on
•   Personalised touch
•   Support your Sponsor or Club
•   You will be so cool when everyone knows your name
•   You get to take it home

Last year number owners have till the end of June to re-book number  

Steps to Order Number

Look up the available numbers (look below)
send an Email to with the following correctly spelt info.
Line one: (your Name or Nickname)
Line Two: ( your #)
Line Three: (Sponsor or Club)
Bring $5 to the next weeks RAW Track and pick it up

If you already have your number

you need to register it for the current year send an Email to with the following info: Your Name and the Number.  
If you have your existing Number it don't cost a thing
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Posts: leet

If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2009, 04:12:28 AM »

Taken  Numbers
Bold = confirmed 2013

Un-bolded numbers are reserved until mid July 2013

1 Ben Harvey St George
2 Simon Llewellyn                  Dulwich Hill
4 Ben Simonelli         Bicisport
05 David Och      St George
07 Peter O'Connor             Eastern suburbs
10 Katrina Lane                    Bicisport  
11 John Nguyen          DHBC
13 Nosh Mistry               St George  
19 Scott Mills    St George
20  Sari Mitrevski         Illawarra
22 Hugh Gray               Waratah Vets
23 Logan Oliver     Hunter Dist
28 Garrath Styles     Sydney
31 Jim Gray                 Waratah Vets
37 Anthony New   Penrith  
042 Alex Simmons
42 Christian Lees           DHBC
44 Joanne Troutman        DHBC
49 Stephan Joyce             Waratah Vets
050 Marian Renshaw       Bathurst  
53 Ciarin Quinn       CCCC
54 Graham Tierney              Central Coast
55 Theo Theol            Eastern Sub
59 Julian Stockwell  DHBC
64 Computer              Eastern Sub
65 Stay Lowe                  TWE
69 Gavin White    Randwick  
O7O Greg O'Brien               St George  
77  Smedley   Bankstown
80 Nigel Apps     Lidcombe
88 Julian Yuen   Lidcombe
96 Bradley Heap     Lidcombe  
100 Tony Unicomb         Sutherland
107 Aaron Latinovic      
110 Rob Parbery          Manly
111 Renne Covington    Bathurst
112 Michael Clement     DHBC
123  Dave Stevens           Team Tank
135 Neil Land                Bankstown
138 Trieu Le    Lidcombe
141 Andrew Herlihen                 Sutherland  
150 Terance Hatten      Sydney
153 Peter Rox               Sutherland
175 Glenn Asquith   Penrith  
180 Brett Fenton        LACC
181 Mark Craig         LACC
Michael Churchward   Penrith
191 Daren Cash        Suth
198 Simon Huggins    CCCC
203 Sturat Hughes     CCCC
206 Damon Marshall   CCCC
222 Ray Gorrell              Bathurst
218 Jackson Law            Road Runner
 223 Andy Galovic   Illawarra
237 Steve Morris       sutho
228  Tim Llewellyn   DHBC
243 Matt McEwan  
260 David Browne               Bicisport
300 Neil Land    Bankstown
316 Ian Dencker      DHBC
333 Jack Edwards                Lidcombe  
351 Scott Spackman    Penrith  
380 Reece Edwards   DHBC
427 Dazza Thorncraft      Bathurst
444 Ben Harvey    Bankstown
467 Mick Mitrevski    Illawarra
600 Bradley Heffernan   Illawarra
613 Nathan Garard       DHBC
750 Chris Brown      Illawarra
777 Will   Bicisport
846 Gary Mandy      Illawarra
888 Rik McArdle      Waratah
911 James Brown        BSCC
923 Darren Kelly  
991 David Halfpenny      Lidcombe
999 Tirian McManus           Southern Cross
000 Ky Witich      DHBC

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Posts: leet

If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2009, 01:41:19 AM »

Let me know if you need a new number I can make it.
However if you want to make your own, that is cool. Minimum size 200 x 150. Please be sensible and ensure it can be easily read by officials.
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