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Author Topic: Day 5 - Sun 3rd Jan @ DGV final day  (Read 9835 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: January 02, 2010, 01:50:16 PM »

Day 5 of the Sydney Christmas Carnivals

Dunc Gray Velodrome  
Presented by RAW Track

Start Time 2:30pm
as per CNSW website

Please bring proof of payment for your 2010 Licence
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2010, 01:20:45 AM »

Round 1    Warm up scratch races
   order Wom, D, C, B then A    
Round 2    Wheel-Race’s (each grade)
Round 3    Sprints (4up 3 laps) 
Round 4    Mystery Lapper (10 laps + Card)
Round 5    Madi-Leads  

Sydney Christmas Carnival
 Series Point Score

How it works Riders score points in rounds 2 to 4 in all grades.
The rider with the most points at the conclusion of Day5 will be grade champion
If riders are on equal points... The rider who finishes highest in the final Rnd 4 event will take the higher rank.  

•   Round’s 2, 3 and 4 score = 5,3,2 and 1 (1st to 4th)
•   Riders score 3 points for each carnival
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2010, 10:31:17 AM »

Sydney Christmas Carnivals            
Day 5 Final             
Dunc Gray Velodrome             
2nd January 2010             
Round 1            
Warm up scratch race            
1   Madison Law         
2   Brie Malony         
3   Kayla Salopek         
4   Amy Vesty         
5   Micaela Hogan         
D Grade   
1   Robert Parbery         
2   Nick Bregolin         
3   Aaron Frater         
4   Anthony Kennedy         
5   James Kennedy         
C Grade   
1   Michael Chidgey         
2   George Lowe         
3   David Moiler         
4   Alex Walker         
B Grade    
1   Stephen Lewis         
2   Phil Dixon         
3   Peter Lewis         
4   Tim Llewellyn         
5   Shaun Colley         
A Grade             
1   Graham Allbon         
2   Simon Llewellyn         
3   Tirian McManus         
4   David Browne         
5   Brendan O'Connell         
Round 2            
Wheel -races             
1   Micaela Hogan         
2   Camilla Norman         
3   Joanne Troutman         
4   Donna Meehan         
D Grade            
1   Robert Parbery         
2   Anthony New         
3   James Kennedy         
4   Glenn Asquith         
C Grade            
1   Andre Adins         
2   Anthony Platts-Baggs         
3   Paul Meehan         
4   Ian Dencker         
5   Craig Thompson         
B Grade    
1   Michael Docker         
2   Shaun Colley         
3   Stephen Lewis         
4   Phil Dixon         
A Grade             
1   David Browne         
2   Brendan Cole         
3   David Willmott         
4   Brendan O'Connell         
Round 3            
Women heat 1   
1   Victoria Armstrong         
2   Katherine Huckstep         
3   Camilla Norman         
4   Jessica Norman         
Women heat 2            
1   Micaela Hogan         
2   Kayla Salopek         
3   Joanne Troutman         
4   Hannah Crichton         
Women heat 3
1   Madison Law         
2   Donna Meehan         
3   Brie Molony         
4   Amy Vesty         
D Grade             
D Grade heat 1
1   David Lamb         
2   Glenn Allen         
3   Phil Cole         
D Grade heat 2            
1   James Kennedy         
2   Anthony New         
3   Aaron Frater         
4   William O'Connell         
D Grade heat 3
1   Andrew Brookfield         
2   Robert Parbery         
3   Glenn Asquith         
4   Nick Bregolin         
C Grade             
C Grade heat 1   
1   Bruce Masson         
2   Michael Chidgey         
3   Anthony Platts-Baggs         
4   Michael Langdon         
C Grade heat 2            
1   Hugh Gray         
2   Alex Walker         
3   Anthony Burke         
4   Michael Buckingham         
5   David Moiler         
C Grade heat 3            
1   Ian Denker         
2   Paul Meehan         
3   Anton Wurzer         
4   Andre Adins         
C Grade heat 4            
1   Thoe Theol         
2   Craig Thompson         
3   Mitch Law         
4   Goerge Lowe         
B Grade             
B Grade  heat 1
1   Michael Rand         
2   Ian McGregor         
3   Reece Robinson         
4   Luke Youngman         
B Grade  heat 2   
1   Stephen Lewis         
2   Peter Lewis         
3   Chad Doering         
4   Matt Wallman         
B Grade  heat 3            
1   Gerard O'Connell         
2   Shaun Colley         
3   Tim Llewellyn         
4   Christian Lees         
B Grade  heat 4            
1   Michael Docker         
2   Phil Dixon         
3   Alex Chubb         
4   Callum Docker         
A Grade             
A Grade Heat 1
1   Tim McMillan         
2   Graeme Allbon         
3   Brett Fenton         
A Grade Heat 2             
1   David Willmott         
2   Brendan O'Connell         
3   Simon Llewellan      
Llewellan  relegated from 2nd to 3rd             
A Grade Heat 3             
1   Benjamin Simonelli         
2   Brendan Cole         
3   Tirian McManus         
4   David Browne         
Round 4            
Mystery Lapper             
Women    16 laps    
1   Donna Meehan         
2   Amy Vesty         
3   Kayla Salopek         
4   Madison Law         
Salopek  relegated from 2nd to 3rd       

D Grade   15 laps          
1   Glenn Asquith         
2   Andrew Brookfield         
3   Aaron Frater         
4   David Lamb         
C Grade   20 laps          
1   Geroge Lowe         
2   Paul Meehan         
3   Ian Denker         
4   Craig Thompson         
B Grade    12 laps          
1   Michael Rand         
2   Alex Chubb         
3   Phil Dixon         
4   Shaun Colley         
Steven Lewis  relegated from 2nd to last of the lead group      
A Grade    22 Laps          
1   Ben Simonelli         
2   Tirian McManus         
3   Graeme Allbon         
4   Simon Llewellyn         
Round 5            
Women  group handicap
1   Donna Meehan         
2   Amy Vesty         
3   Michaela Hogan         
4   Camilla Norman         
D Grade   motor pace            
1   Glenn Asquith         
2   Rob Parbery         
3   Anthony New         
4   Andrew Brookfield         
C Grade  madi-lead             
1   Michael Chidgey         
2   Craig Thompson         
3   Goerge Lowe         
4   David Moiler         
B Grade madi-lead             
1   Brett Fenton         
2   Chad Doering         
3   Luke Yongman         
4   Christian Lees         
1   Tirian McManus         
   Stephen lewis         
2   Simon Llewellyn         
   Matt Wallman         
3   Tim llewellyn         
   Alex chubb         
4   phil dixon         
   David Browne         
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2010, 10:55:24 AM »

Day 5 points

top points winners for this carnival

A  Grade    
 SIMONELLI, Benjamin     13
 WILLMOTT, David     10
 COLE, Brendan J     9
 BROWNE, David     9
 MCMILLAN, Timothy     9
 MCMANUS, Tirian     8
 ALLBON, Graeme     8
 O'CONNELL, Brendan     7
 LLEWELLYN, Simon     6
FENTON, Brett    5
 MEEHAN, Donna     14
 HOGAN, Micaela     13
LAW, Madison    9
 SALOPEK, Kayla     8
 NORMAN, Camilla     8
 ARMSTRONG, Victoria     8
 VESTY, Amy     7
 TROUTMAN, Joanne     7
 HUCKSTEP, Katherine     6
 MOLONEY, Brie    5
 CRICHTON, Hannah     4
 NORMAN, Jessica     4
 MONAHAN, Gai     4
B Grade   
 DOCKER, Michael     13
 RAND, Michael     13
 COLLEY, Shaun     10
 LEWIS, Stephen     10
 DIXON, Phillip     9
 CHUBB, Alexander     8
 O'CONNELL, Gerard     8
 LEWIS, Peter     6
MCGREGOR, Ian    6
 LLEWELLYN, Timothy     5
DOERING, Chad    5
ROBINSON, Reece   5
 DOCKER, Callum     4
WALLMAN, Matt   4
 LEES, Christian     4
YOUNGMAN Luke    4
C Grade    
 MEEHAN, Paul     11
DENCKER, Ian    11
 LOWE, George     9
 ADINS, Andre     9
 THEOL, Theo     8
 GRAY, Hugh     8
 PLATTS-BAGGS, Anthony   8
MASSON, Bruce   8
 THOMPSON, Craig     7
 WALKER, Alex     6
CHIDGEY, Micheal    6
 LAW, Mitch    5
 WURZER, Anton     5
 BURKE, Anthony     5
BUCKINGHAM, Michael    4
 MOILER, David     4
LANGDON Michael    4
D Grade    
 BROOKFIELD, Andrew     11
 PARBERY, Robert     11
 ASQUITH, Glenn   11
KENNEDY, James    10
 NEW, Anthony     9
LAMB, David    9
 FRATER, Aaron     7
 ALLEN, Glenn     6
 COLE, Phil     5
 BREGOLIN, Nick     4
 O'CONNELL, William     4
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« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2010, 03:49:21 AM »

The Final Showdown.

Scratch Race: With no need to qualify for the WheelRace and no points on offer this should have been a chance to just warm up and not spend too much energy, but since I thought Fats had the series sown up I thought a win is a win and would give it a go.  With a slow start Fats moved to the front with about 6 to go and upped the pace and sat a consistent pace for 5 laps with just over a lap to go I jumped with Nick Bregolin on my wheel and Aaron Frater on his junior gearing spinning like a frog in a blender to keep up with him.  That's the way it finished.

D Grade Wheel Race: With the Limit marker all away around the track on 210m, I didn't think those of us up the back would have much chance.  With a good start I was quickly up on to the wheel of the Bathurst rider in front of me as a group of 4 formed with Fats just of the back, so I sat back expecting him to come through, hoping that we'd pick up Anthony New and with the 3 of us working together have a chance of chasing down the limit rider.  A lap on the back of these 3 and Fats still hadn't caught up & Anthony New was moving away from the next two so I rode around on to his wheel, settling in, then going around him just before we caught the next group.  With two laps to go I'm clear but struggling, just managing to hold out the fast finishing Anthony New.  5 points to me & none to Fats, the difference was now down to 7 points, suddenly it's looking like I could take the series.

Sprints 3 Lap: With a 3 laps sprint rather than a 1 lap screamer I'd lost my advantage over Fats for this one.  Fats lead out a very slow first lap with no one wanting to take the initiative. I probably should have attacked Fats sooner, he got the win, with me second and a fast finishing Asquith in 3rd.  With that done the series was decided.  Good win to Fats.

Mystery Lapper: Secretly I like this race, but don't tell Crafty.  For the uninitiated this is a scratch race of unknown length, the lenght being determined by the drawing of a card from a deck so it could be anywhere from 11 to 23 laps but you don't know till you hear the sweet sound of the last lap bell. With the series decided, it was time to play a bit, so I just sat on the back on a very slow bunch, finally moving to the front with 8 laps down.  Still on the front when lap 10 came and ... no bell.  I kept sitting on the front, lifting the pace in the final turn each lap to try to make any attacks a hard. 11 laps, 12, 13, 14, Bell! on lap 15, Somewhere behind there was a crash  but luckily only one went down and he walked away.  Into the back straight & I was paying for my efforts as riders came around me.  Oh well.

Motorpace: OK, this one is one of my favourites, no tactics, no thinking, just hold on tight!  With David Wilmott providing the "Motor" Crafty gave him something to ride for with a dollar for every rider he dropped, provided he didn't drop them all (in which case David would have to pay Crafty).  Started off very restfully for the first two laps, Crafty's money was looking very safe.  Then the pace accelerated, the Bathurst rider who had the wheel of the "motor" had had enough and pulled out, leaving me with a short chase to get back on.  Behind they're dropping off but I've got no idea who is there and can only vaguely hear Crafty's commentary.  Coming around on the "Motor's" last lap and a quick glance a the speedo is showing speeds it's never seen before - normally I don't even ride down hills so fast! I know everyone else has been dropped but struggle to tell how far back they are (5m or 50m? I had no idea) Still with 3 laps to go, I'm still sitting on 50km/hr but the legs are really struggling now.  1 lap to go and I've slowed considerably and two Bankstown Sports riders of Asquith and New are now coming fast.  Results say I held on for 2nd ouch ouch ouch.

Thanks Fats for some great racing, before the start I didn't think I'd be so close and thought I'd have to rely on you not managing to back up day after day!  Thanks also to all the other riders out there.

Thanks to Crafty, the clubs, commissaires, volunteers & Sponsors, especially Verofit (if you haven't yet, try the iced tea flavour) & YBN Chains (last time I won a chain I build up a track bike around it  Grin)

That's probably it for track racing for a while, it's back to single track for me until RAW starts up.  Good luck to those racing the Opens, State & National Titles
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« Reply #5 on: January 06, 2010, 01:56:23 AM »

Final wrap

Christmas Carnival Day 5 – Dunc Gray Velodrome

Well to my surprise I’d made it to the final day without breaking down, loosing interest or sleeping through. I’ll be honest and say my legs were sore and the last thing I wanted to be doing was riding but a championship beckoned and be damned if I was going to gift it to Rob Parbery!

D Grade 10 lap warm-up Scratch: Having 2 days in a row at DGV forced Paul to change the program to keep it interesting for us easily bored riders and so our warm up scratch dropped it’s wheel race qualification status and became just a wheel race. Although I rode around the track in the warm up I really needed this race as a wake up. I decided to just sit on the front and stay out of trouble happy to let the others fight out the win and save a bit of energy. Finished mid pack.

D Grade Wheel Race: No women to race against today so having my status raised to back marker for the first time in my life I strutted up to my mark of 25m to the thunderous applause of the packed stands. A lack of handlers saw a new initiative whereby A grade would hold for the Womens grade, B grade hold for D grade and so on and I was quite relieved to hear the girls weren’t holding D grade as we’re not the lightest bunch around. I went against protocol and used my normal handler in Tirians dad Trevor who gives me a lot of confidence that I’ll get a good start  and I’ll take this chance to thank very much for holding me at the start of virtually every wheel race I do. Thanks Trevor.

A smart move would have been dropping my gearing down to get off the line quick but I went with the high one and paid the price by not quite getting on to Robs wheel and so worked on my own for the entire six laps. I finally got the front bunch on the last lap but had nothing left from chasing and had to watch from the back of the bunch as Rob took a great win and five points off my lead. 

D Grade 3 lap derby: The changed program appeared to favor me with the sprint becoming a three lap derby taking away Robs one lap dominance. But obviously nothings a certainty in track racing and with the points gap down to 7 I felt I needed to wrap things up or I could crumble under the pressure. With the four top points holders racing off in reality it was just a match race between Rob and I and as I led out in my preferred position he hugged my hip keeping me low so I couldn’t get use of the bank. Keeping a close eye for his inevitable attack Rob hadn’t moved by 350m so I decided it was time to go and gave it everything getting a slight jump. Once around and with the final turn upon us he was by my side and giving it everything I strayed high in the sprinters lane not sure if I ventured out but Rob was higher up and he said it didn’t affect him although he said I may have just wandered over a bit. I held on for the win and no approaches from the commissaries meant I had wrapped up the championship to my relief and could head out for the last points race with no pressure.

Endurance race Mystery lapper – 10 laps, final sprint anywhere from lap 11 to 23: RAW trackers are well familiar with this Paul Craft special and know what to expect. Like the Winners race different tactics can be employed but gamble with the bell at your own peril. Tired legs saw the chance of an exciting attack evaporate and everyone was content to let Rob lead us around for the majority of laps covering his surges leading up to the non existent bell. It fortunately for us came relatively early on lap 15 and Glenn Asquith jumped from second wheel with me in close pursuit. He showed a good last lap effort and no matter how I tried I couldn’t get past and followed him through for second with young Arron Frater close behind waiting to pounce on any weaknesses. Great work to Aaron who had a strong carnival and only just missed out on 4th place overall.

D Grade motor pace: Now for a bit of fun. With Dave Wilmott leading us out as our motorbike he was under instructions to trying to drop as many as he could with out dropping everyone. A tough ask if you ask me. So he built the speed over his 4 laps till we were going flat out but probably didn’t go hard enough early enough as there were still a few of us on his wheel all be it a little stretched. Once he was off it came back together for the final 3 laps and just as I was lining up Rob for an attack the Bankstown train of Asquith and New flew buy like we were standing still. Good to see they saved all their energy for the last race of the series or Rob and I would have been in big trouble! So Rob and I rolled through in 3rd and 4th with Arron again close behind.

So there you have it. Five events in six days, 22 races, over 180 laps and around 25km of flat out racing. I haven’t done anything like this since I was an A grade hockey player a lifetime ago and I had great reservations whether I be able to do it all but with the help of magnesium tablets, Dencorub, skins, lots of pasta and lollies between races I made it much to my surprise. For me it was hard work backing up each day and the legs got pretty sore but I bet that it was the same for a lot of others. To win D grade was fantastic but I think I got the most satisfaction out of being able to do the whole series and be able to back up each day and be competitive. I got huge enjoyment mixing with everyone and appreciated the encouragement I received along the way. Thanks Paul Craft for putting on such a great carnival and for daring me to push myself well past what I though was possible, all the sponsors for the great prizes, the commissares, clubs and fellow competitors. I had a blast battling it out with Rob so thanks mate for being such a great sport. I learnt a lot in the past week but the most I learnt is that I have so much more to learn. I’m already looking forward to next year.
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