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Author Topic: Week 13 9th Sept 2016  (Read 2459 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: September 07, 2016, 12:34:28 AM »

News and Information
Friday, Sept 09,  2016

first race 7:05pm  

This week’s Races
•   Round 1   Warm up Scratch
•   Round 2  The Bombtrack Final
•   Round 3  Sprint (4 up @ 2 Laps)  note: final heat of each div will be top 4 on series.  
•   Round 4  Winners    

•   Round 5 Combines  
Note: Point scoring rounds are in Blue.

Explain these races
Sprint - - at RAW Track, sprints are usually run as 4-6 ups over 2-4 laps the first laps are usually spent sizing your opponents up and positioning yourself for the optimum explosion to the finish. It is not uncommon for a sneaky rider to attack early in the hope of holding a lead to the finish. The sprint is a test of power, speed and above all, tactics.

Winners Race- The race is over 16 laps. There is a sprint with 13laps to-go, the winner of this sprint qualifies for the final sprint, however he/she must continue to race, keeping a close eye on the winners of the sprints with 10, 7 and 4 Laps to go. Each of these riders also qualify for the final sprint. With 4 laps to go all non-qualifying riders must withdraw from the race. Leaving a 4 up sprint to decide the final placing. You can work out all the tactics on this one.

The Bombtrack Final  Brought to you by Pushie Enterprises

•   This is the final of a four race series.
•   Rounds 1-3 were invitational wheel-Races
•   The three winners have been invited to ride the 1km Bomtrack Final
•   The rider with the best time (after time Bonus) will be the winner the Bombtrack Script
•   The 1km event will be ran a individual TT with time bonuses! Based on my predictions on the ability of the rider over distance  

 The finalists and my prediction of time are:  
1.   James Schneider:  1 minute 12 seconds  = 0 seconds bonus     
2.   Felix James : 1 minute 18 seconds = 6 seconds bonus  
3.   Zane Stewart: 1 minute 22 seconds = 12 seconds bonus  

Reserves for this event:•   Should any of the above three not be in attendance
1.   Matts reserve is: David Browne:  2  seconds bonus  
2.   Felix James Reserve is: Craig Barnes:  6 seconds bonus
3.   Zane Stewart Reserve is: Nikita Lindeskov      :  16 seconds bonus


Point Score info

Last week’s top scorers
•   Div 1 Tirian McManus 30  points  Perfect Score
•   Div 2  Geoff Baxter 30  points   Perfect Score
•   Div 3 Rodrigo Notaro 22 points  
•   Div 4 Ryan Britton 30 points  Perfect Score  
•   Div 5  Sophie Papas 26  points  

•   Div Tirian McManus 215 points  
•   Div 2  Gav White 204 points  
•   Div 3 Rodrigo Notaro  189
•   Div 4  Renee Covington 181 points  
•   Div 5 Angela Jones  162 points  

Teams/Clubs Challenge  

1   Dulwich Hill   2809
2   Randwick Botany   2245
3   St George    2009

Final night of the club Challenge
At the conclusion of this Friday the points will be finalised for the Club Challenge ride off.
It will be DHBC v's RBCC or STGCC

Each club will ride off in an Italian Pursuit consisting of 10 riders, consisting of

•   Female
•   Female +40
•   U17
•   U19
•   +35
•   +45
•   The remaining can be of any category.

In the interest of RACE. Trading of categories can be negotiated



it will take a mass attendance from St George to topple Randwick

Grade point scores are frozen (for series contenders)
• By this I mean that the Division you are in now on the point score will be the one you will earn points for the rest of the season, even if you change divisions.
• So if you move from Div 4 to Div 3 this week your name will remain in the Div 4 point score.

     RAW TRACK 2016 ….Bring It!

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Posts: 1154

If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2016, 11:04:23 PM »

after  week 12


Div 1:
Has the winner been determined?  Yes  Tirian will win
Has the top 5 been determined: Yes I think what you is what you will get
Tirian McManus   215
Tom Bolton   171
James Schieder   160
John Trovas    144
Matt Glanville   141
Rohan Haydon Smith   137

Div 2:
Has the winner been determined?  Hell No! Baxter V White
Has the top 5 been determined: Hell no, Definitely the battle to watch on Friday. If Brownie Scores big in the not top 4 Sprint round, we will see a very interesting final week. 
Gav White    204
Geoff Baxter   199
Matt LeDilly    184
Blake Ryan   182
David Browne   180

Div 3:
Has the winner been determined?  Kinda! Rodrigo rode well last week and looks to have the edge on Bat.
Has the top 5 been determined: When Brett wins the sprint that will make Top 3 look solid, 4 riders fighting for the remaining two spots.
Rodrigo Notaro   189
Bat Yildirim   181
Brett Scruse    178
Ian Grant    170
Adam Ingall   165
Lindsay Small    163
Julian Wills    162

Div 4:
Has the winner been determined? I think so! Renee has shown great form of late
Has the top 5 been determined: almost, four riders fighting for three spots at the presentation.
Renee Covington    181
Nigel Apps    179
Benjamin Kinsman    172
Phil Dobe    162
Lise Benjamin   149
Daika Scott    148
Daniel Morrissey    144

Div 5:

Has the winner been determined?  I think so! Angela has learnt too much this year to miss out on minor points in the racing
Has the top 5 been determined: Nikita is riding well and may challenge for the win but Sophie is on fire, 4th and 5th look safe.
Angela Jones    162
Nikita Lindeskov   156
Sophie Pappas   140
Jono Bonora    138
Ben Kamenjas    136

The  Club Challenge :
It is 70% guaranteed that DHBC and RBCC will fight it out in the second last race of the series in a 10 person Italian Pursuit.

1   Dulwich Hill   2809
2   Randwick Botany   2245
3   St George    2009

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