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Author Topic: 2016 Day 4 -Wednesday 30th Dec 2014 by LACC @ Lidcombe 2016  (Read 6329 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: December 30, 2016, 12:44:58 AM »

Day 4 of the Sydney Christmas Carnivals 2016

Lidcombe Oval
Presented by LACC


Venue: Lidcombe Oval, Wyatt Park, Church Street, Lidcombe
Start time: First race at 6pm
Juniors start: 2:00pm sharp
Supporting Club: Lidcombe Auburn Club

Day 3 Lidcombe
•   Rnd 1  Warm up scratch race
•   Rnd 2  Graded Wheel – Race
•   Rnd 3  Keirins   
•   Rnd 4  Points Race
•   Rnd 5  Super Italian  + the PARK Bikes Madison Women's Version + PARK BIKES Madison Open

Posts: 1313

If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2016, 12:40:46 PM »

Syd X-MAS Carnivals       
Race All Winter Track       
Tempe  Velodrome, Australia        
DAY 4  28 Dec 2016      
Round 1       
Warm up Scratch Races       
Women  C   Name   Club
1   JONES, Matilda   Hunter District CC
2   TAPP, Sharna   Tamworth CC
3   REID, Amanda   St George CC
4   GARSTANG, Syan   Central Coast CC
Women  B   Name   Club
1   COVINGTON, Renee   Bathurst CC
2   COULLS, Deborah   Illawarra CC
3   BEITZEL, Felice    Canberra CC (ACT)
4   BIDDLE, Jessica   Dulwich Hill BC
Women A      
1   ROBARDS, Lauren   Vikings CC (ACT)
2   VICKERS, Kate   Wagga Wagga CC
3   CARNES, Brooke   Balmoral CC (QLD)
4   VONDERWALL, Brooklyn   Scotch College South Australia CC (SA)
D Grade      
1   CHUNG, Eddie   Randwick Botany CC
2   HAYNES, David   Penrith CC
3   MARSHALL, Michael   Illawarra CC
4   FITYUS, Stephen    Hunter Dist
C Grade      
1   WILLIAMS, Jarrod   Illawarra CC
2   BIDDLE, Alan   Marconi CC
3   COLANTONIO, Anthony   Bicisport
4   SELKRIG, Peter   Randwick Botany CC
B Grade      
1   PANDELUS, Matt   Illawarra CC
2   MICALLEF, Alexander   Lidcombe Auburn CC
3   FARR, Jason   Dubbo CC
4   GIOVANETTI, Andrew   Hunter District CC
A Grade      
1   CUFF, Stephen   Penrith CC
2   WRIGHT, Mitchell   Illawarra CC
3   MARSHALL, Zachary   Illawarra CC
4   CARTER, Harrison   St George CC
ROUND 2      
Women B + C   Name   Club
1   COULLS, Deborah   Illawarra CC
2   BENJAMIN, Lise   Bicisport
3   BELZ, Gabrielle   Brunswick CC (VIC)
4   WALLACE, Tess   Dulwich Hill BC
Women A      
1   MAY, Heather   South Coast CC
2   ROBARDS, Lauren   Vikings CC (ACT)
3   JONES, Laura   Parklife CC
4   FITYUS, Lucie    Hunter Dist
D Grade      
1   GARSTANG, Russell   Central Coast CC
2   HAYNES, David   Penrith CC
3   MARSHALL, Michael   Illawarra CC
4   LEIFELS, Neil   Illawarra CC
C Grade      
1   PETTIGREW, Richard    Central Coast CC
2   MORRIS, Jeff   Central Coast CC
3   BIDDLE, Alan   Marconi CC
4   SPACKMAN, Timothy   Penrith CC
B Grade      
1   BROWNE, David   Bicisport
2   SCHNEIDER, James   Central Coast CC
3   DAWSON, Timothy   Dubbo CC
4   BRYANT, Harry    Orange/ Bathurst
A Grade       
1   ENSOR, Luke   Dubbo CC
2   CARTER, Harrison   St George CC
3   JONES, Campbell   Hunter District CC
4   WRIGHT, Mitchell   Illawarra CC
ROUND 3      
Women C   Name   Club
1   JONES, Matilda   Hunter District CC
2   REID, Amanda   St George CC
3   GRIBBLE, Xiaoling   Central Coast CC
4   TAPP, Sharna   Tamworth CC
Women B    Name   Club
1   BEITZEL, Felice    Canberra CC (ACT)
2   BENNETT, Eliza   Bathurst CC
3   WALLACE, Tess   Dulwich Hill BC
4   BIDDLE, Jessica   Dulwich Hill BC
Women B 2    Name   Club
1   COULLS, Deborah   Illawarra CC
2   COVINGTON, Renee   Bathurst CC
3   BELZ, Gabrielle   Brunswick CC (VIC)
4   HEFFERNAN, Shari   Illawarra CC
Women A       
1   MAY, Heather   South Coast CC
2   HO, Selina    St George CC
3   JACKSON, Claudia   Southern Cross CC
4   JONES, Ashlee   Parklife CC
Women A 2      
1   VONDERWALL, Brooklyn   Scotch College South Australia CC (SA)
2   ROBARDS, Lauren   Vikings CC (ACT)
3   JONES, Laura   Parklife CC
4   HEFFERNAN, Chloe   Illawarra CC
D Grade       
1   WILLIS, Jordan   Dulwich Hill BC
2   MURRAY, Peter   North Western Sydney CC
3   GARSTANG, Russell   Central Coast CC
4   BROWN, Anthony   Bankstown Sports CC
D Grade 2      
1   CHUNG, Eddie   Randwick Botany CC
2   O'BRIEN, Shane   Illawarra CC
3   LEIFELS, Neil   Illawarra CC
4   FITYUS, Stephen    Hunter Dist
C Grade 1      
1   FOX, Ben    Dulwich Hill BC
2   SELKRIG, Peter   Randwick Botany CC
3   CYRESZKO, Maximilian   ATTA NSW
4   BENNETT, Damien   Bathurst CC
C  Grade 2      
1   WILLIAMS, Jarrod   Illawarra CC
2   KARARE, Brahim   Bankstown Sports CC
3   MURRAY, Kevin   Central Coast CC
4   SMALL, Lindsey    Dulwich Hill BC
C Grade 3      
1   PETTIGREW, Richard    Central Coast CC
2   MORRIS, Jeff   Central Coast CC
3   FITZGERALD, Sam   Dubbo CC
4   BIDDLE, Alan   Marconi CC
B Grade 1      
1   BROWNE, David   Bicisport
2   THORNCRAFT, Darryl   Randwick Botany CC
3   ESTELL, Sam    Illawarra CC
4   SANTOS, Lawrence   Dulwich Hill BC
B  Grade 2      
1   SCHNEIDER, James   Central Coast CC
2   DAWSON, Timothy   Dubbo CC
3   MICALLEF, Alexander   Lidcombe Auburn CC
4   BRYANT, Harry    Orange/ Bathurst
B Grade 3      
1   WRIGHT, Hamish   Mackay CC (QLD)
2   FARR, Jason   Dubbo CC
3   YILIDRIM, Bat   Dulwich Hill BC
4   HOWES, Terence   Marconi CC
A Grade 1      
1   YOUNG, Ben   Track Cycling WA
2   HEAP, Brad   Randwick Botany CC
3   ENSOR, Luke   Dubbo CC
4   CRAIG, Nathan   Penrith CC
A Grade 2      
1   RICE, Matthew   Canberra CC (ACT)
2   EATHER, Kurt   Dubbo CC
3   STEWART, Myles   Wagga Wagga CC
4   SCOTT, Lachie    St George CC
A Grade 3      
1   CARTER, Harrison   St George CC
2   BOLTON, Tom    Dulwich Hill BC
3   MCMANUS, Tirian   Southern Cross CC
4   WRIGHT, Mitchell   Illawarra CC
A Grade 4      
1   CORNISH, Thomas   Southern Cross CC
2   MARSHALL, Zachary   Illawarra CC
3   CUFF, Stephen   Penrith CC
4   HO, Weslie    St George CC
ROUND 4      
Points Race       
Women C + B   Name   Club
1   WALLACE, Tess   Dulwich Hill BC
2   COULLS, Deborah   Illawarra CC
3   COVINGTON, Renee   Bathurst CC
4   BEITZEL, Felice    Canberra CC (ACT)
Women A      
1   HEFFERNAN, Chloe   Illawarra CC
2   VONDERWALL, Brooklyn   Scotch College South Australia CC (SA)
3   CHUNG-ORR, Katarina   Port Adelaide CC (SA)
4   ROBARDS, Lauren   Vikings CC (ACT)
D Grade      
1   MARSHALL, Michael   Illawarra CC
2   CHUNG, Eddie   Randwick Botany CC
3   WILLIS, Jordan   Dulwich Hill BC
4   GARSTANG, Russell   Central Coast CC

C Grade      
1   WILLIAMS, Jarrod   Illawarra CC
2   FOX, Ben    Dulwich Hill BC
3   COLANTONIO, Anthony   Bicisport
4   SELKRIG, Peter   Randwick Botany CC

B Grade      
1   WRIGHT, Hamish   Mackay CC (QLD)
2   SCHNEIDER, James   Central Coast CC
3   FARR, Jason   Dubbo CC
4   VAN DER VLIET, Jake   Sunshine Coast CC (QLD)

A Grade      
1   MCMANUS, Tirian   Southern Cross CC
2   MARSHALL, Zachary   Illawarra CC
3   RICE, Matthew   Canberra CC (ACT)
4   CARTER, Harrison   St George CC
ROUND 5      
Super Italian       
1   Backstraight    Cuff
2   Frontstraight    Cornish

Round 6       
PARK BIKES Ladies Madison   
1   JONES, Ashlee / ROBARDS, Lauren   17 points
2   YEAMAN, Emily / WATTS, Emily   15 points
3   BELZ, Gabrielle / MAY, Heather   14 points
4   FITYUS, Lucy / VONDERWALL, Brooklyn   12 points
5   DAVIS, Tasmin / VICKERS, Kate      7 points

Across the line

1   JONES, Ashlee / ROBARDS, Lauren   
2   YEAMAN, Emily / WATTS, Emily   
3   FITYUS, Lucy / VONDERWALL, Brooklyn   
4   BELZ, Gabrielle / MAY, Heather   
5   DAVIS, Tasmin / VICKERS, Kate   
PARK BIKES Madison      

1   CRAIG, Nathan / SPACKMAN, Tim      7   points
2   ENSOR, Luke / EATHER, Kurt      6   points
2   HO, Wesley / DUTTON, Ben      6   points
2   CHUNG, Eddie / FOX, Ben      6   points
5   SCOTT, Lachlan / WRIGHT, Mitchell      5   points
6   BROWNE, David / CYRESZKO, Maximillian      4   points
7   CUFF, Stephen / CORNISH, Tom      3   points
8   LYNCH, Tom / MARSHALL, Zachary      2   points
9   MCMANUS, Tirian / CARTER, Harrison      1   points
9   BAILEY, Harrison / BOLTON, Tom      1   points

Across the line
1   SCOTT, Lachlan / WRIGHT, Mitchell   
2   CUFF, Stephen / CORNISH, Tom   
3   ENSOR, Luke / EATHER, Kurt   
4   MCMANUS, Tirian / CARTER, Harrison   
5   LYNCH, Tom / MARSHALL, Zachary   
6   BAILEY, Harrison / BOLTON, Tom   
7   HO, Wesley / DUTTON, Ben   
8   CRAIG, Nathan / SPACKMAN, Tim   
9   BROWNE, David / CYRESZKO, Maximillian   
10   CHUNG, Eddie / FOX, Ben   
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2016, 01:45:13 PM »

Points Awarded for day 4

Women A    
MAY, Heather   13
VONDERWALL, Brooklyn   11
ROBARDS, Lauren   10
HEFFERNAN, Chloe   9
JONES, Laura   7
HO, Selina    6
CHUNG-ORR, Katarina   6
JACKSON, Claudia   5
FITYUS, Lucie    4
JONES, Ashlee   4
YEAMAN, Emily   3
CARNES, Brooke   3
WATTS, Emily   3
DAVIES, Tasmin   3
VICKERS, Kate   3
TALBOT, Josie    0
QUICK, Georgia   0
KNOX. Sohie    0
SPROUSTER, Emma    0
SANDISON, Hannah   0
Women B    
COULLS, Deborah   16
WALLACE, Tess   11
BEITZEL, Felice    9
COVINGTON, Renee   8
BELZ, Gabrielle   7
BENNETT, Eliza   6
BENJAMIN, Lise   6
HEFFERNAN, Shari   4
BIDDLE, Jessica   4
HARRIS, Alicia    3
HOOTEN Cat    3
MAHER Isabelle    3
KNOWLER, Kerry   0
TUYNMAN, Brooke   0
Women C    
JONES, Matilda   8
REID, Amanda   6
GRIBBLE, Xiaoling   5
TAPP, Sharna   4
GARSTANG, Syan   3
WILLIAMSON, Caitlyn    0
TURNER, Melissa   0
A Grade    
CARTER, Harrison   12
MCMANUS, Tirian   10
ENSOR, Luke   10
MARSHALL, Zachary   9
RICE, Matthew   9
CORNISH, Thomas   8
YOUNG, Ben   8
BOLTON, Tom    6
EATHER, Kurt   6
HEAP, Brad   6
CUFF, Stephen   5
STEWART, Myles   5
JONES, Campbell   5
WRIGHT, Mitchell   5
SCOTT, Lachie    4
CRAIG, Nathan   4
HO, Weslie    4
BAILEY, Harrison    3
LYNCH, Tom   3
TROVAS, John   3
CHUBB, Alexander   3
DUTTON, Ben    3

B Grade    
SCHNEIDER, James   14
WRIGHT, Hamish   13
BROWNE, David   13
FARR, Jason   8
DAWSON, Timothy   8
THORNCRAFT, Darryl   6
MICALLEF, Alexander   5
BRYANT, Harry    5
ESTELL, Sam    5
HOWES, Terence   4
SANTOS, Lawrence   4
SANTOS, Maximillian   3
DRUMMOND, Rowan    3
BRITTEN, Luke   3
JAMES, Felix   3
TRICCAS, Adrien   3
GIOVANETTI, Andrew   3
PANDELUS, Matt   3

C Grade
WILLIAMS, Jarrod   13
PETTIGREW, Richard    13
FOX, Ben    10
MORRIS, Jeff   9
SELKRIG, Peter   7
BIDDLE, Alan   6
KARARE, Brahim   6
COLANTONIO, Anthony   5
MURRAY, Kevin   5
CYRESZKO, Maximilian   5
SMALL, Lindsay    5
SPACKMAN, Timothy   4
BENNETT, Damien    4
GILBERT, Aryton   3
GILBERT, Adam    3
PARTLIN, Fletcher   3
SLOAN, Stephen   3
KARAI, Matt   3
WILLS Julian    3
GREEN, Mitchell   3

D Grade    
GARSTANG, Russell   11
CHUNG, Eddie    11
WILLIS, Jordan   10
MARSHALL, Michael   10
O'BRIEN, Shane   6
MURRAY, Peter   6
LEIFELS, Neil   6
HAYNES, David   6
BROWN, Anthony   6
FITYUS, Stephen    4
STEWART, Zane   3
WILLIAMS, Ethan   3
PARTLIN, Allan   3
GRAY, Hugh   3
JONES, Daryl   3
COLE, Phil   3

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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2016, 12:25:05 AM »

Day 4 Sydney Christmas Carnivals report plus day 5 info and links

The weather gods were on our side. not only did the predicted thunderstorms stay away, we also got a breeze to break the humid heat, that I can only assume the Queenslanders packed and brought down.

The day started with the great debate of how long is the track? Since its re-surfacing 15 months ago, no one from Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club - LACC has been bothered to measure it, so the answer is anywhere between 428 and 430... so lets say 429. (who makes a 429m track, really, it's called the metric system. make an even number)

The warm up scratch was designed to warm everyone up. with all the womens grades doing the Italian scratch. This was followed by ALL the mens grades doing the same. Wow, 30+ females followed by 80+ guys all on one track at one time. I was a sight! the UCI would have put a stop to that, but this is RAW Track rules, and f*^k the UCI, lets have fun!
 But it totally sucked to be the A graders, especially the A grade sprinters. they had 28 laps total and you could hear grumbles when they realized they still had 11 left and the b graders were still out there. Luke Ensor did a great move, 2 laps out. got a gap and held on for the win!

In the Womens A grade wheel race, the middle markers formed a great group, cracking the scratch riders, and easily overtaking the front markers. And it was the usual suspects of Heather May, Lauren Robards, and Ashlee Jones taking it out.

Russell Garstang, always a crowd favorite, WON his wheel race!!! it has to happen at least once a Christmas carnival. he then went onto the grass, and died... not really, but it took him a while to get up.

At about this point, the nice breeze picked up (the riders described it as a gale). This provided a strong head wind on the back straight with 200m to go. a lot of riders got caught out going too soon.

Crafty ran the keirins like poetry. as one heat came 'round for bell lap the next heat rolled out, and was then pick up by the bike who just sped forward. it ensured the races flowed smoothly and quickly. good work crafty.
 The main battles happened in C grade between Ben Fox, Peter Selkrig, and @Maximilian Cyreszko. it was a super close finish with Ben taking the win, These guys are all at the pointy end of the grade, and it will be another battle tonight.
 Then The hot heat of the A grade big boys! Ben Young took on Brad Heap, but those two guys were pushed all the way to the line by Luke Ensor and Nathan Craig. Ben won, but the Western Australian Sprinter has had a lot of challengers from NSW keeping him in check. (Go NSW!)

Rusty somehow got 4th in his points race. And there were way too many close sprints. could all the riders spread out a bit more and make it easier for me to call. when you are 5 wide on the finish line, it makes for good racing, but geez louse, it's hard to pick.

We had another all womens Madison last night. I can't express how proud I am of all these ladies! this was unheard of a few years ago. To any of the girls thinking of giving it a go, do it! this is the best place to have a go.

Then after the shambuzle of a Madison, on day 1, the guys have finally got it together. The changes were smooth fast, compact and safe. There were synchronized double changes, triple changes, two pairs. it was fun to watch. Lachlan Scott and Mitchell Wright took out line honors.

Pictures below thanks to Morgan Ho and Andrew Trovas from St George Cycling Club.

Day 4 results

And day 5 info+ handicaps
 see you this afternoon at Dunc Gray Velodrome at 1:00pm for a 2:00pm start!
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