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Author Topic: Week 2 23rd June 2017  (Read 1070 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: June 20, 2017, 04:25:47 AM »

News and Information
For Week 2
Friday, June 23 1017


first race 7:05pm  

This week’s Program
• Round 1 warm up Scratch
• Round 2  The RAW Track  1.5km Wheel-Race
• Round 3  Win’n’Out  
• Round 4  Endurance Miss'N'Out

• Round 5 Combines Time Blaster 8:45 for $50
Round 6 La-Rivage drinks/meal and video replay

Blue indicates Series Points scoring rounds

RAW Track Wheel-RACE
•   This week’s feature race will be The RAW Track 1.5km wheel-race in Round 2
•   Riders finishing in the top THREE of the warm up scratch race from Div 1-4 will qualify
•   In the event of a division being split, the top TWO of each heat will qualify
•   Div 1 = 0m
•   Div 2 = 65m-75m
•   Div 3 = 120m-130m
•   Div 4 = 180-190m

Explain these races
Win’N’ Out This is the opposite of a Miss’N’Out race. After a designated number of laps a whistle is blown for the first sprint. The winner of the first sprint is deemed the winner of the race and allowed to carefully withdraw from the race. Each proceeding lap sprint will produce the consecutive places from 2nd to 4th. Tip if you go for a sprint make sure you win it.

Miss 'N' Out- the bike equivalent of musical chairs, Sometimes called the elimination race or "Devil's Race," every lap the last rider across the finish line is pulled out of the race until only two riders remain.  The remaining two riders are given the bell and  manoeuvre themselves before the final all out sprint to the finish line.  Keep your eyes peeled to the back of the field that's where all the excitement lies in this event.

Post event meal / drinks and video replay
•   This week we will be trialling post race activities at La Rivage (old Handle Bar Tavern)
•   I will be encouraging as many people to pop in to watch some of the racing and have a drink
•   The owners have been informed and will put on special meals for us
•   The Venue is licenced

Point Score info
Last week’s top scorers

•   Div 1  Rohan Hayden-Smith and Thomas Cornish 17 points
•   Div 2 Dave Try   18 points
•   Div 3 Graham Cockerton and Ben Fox   18 points
•   Div 4 Christopher McInnes   17 points  
•   Div 5 Sandro Nava   20 points  

Teams/Clubs Challenge

1   St George    168
2   Dulwich Hill   157
3   Randwick    110
4   Lidcombe   95
5   ATTA-NSW  69  
6   Bathurst   63

Points for 2017 series

•   For every week you attend you receive 10 points
•   In rounds 3, and 4 top  four place getters receive 5, 3, 2 and 1point respectively
•   Last 4 weeks place getter points are doubled.
you can miss 2 x RAW's and still get starting points  

Bankstown Sports CC canteen

•   A big thank you, to the folk from BSCC who continue to support RAW by providing the canteen
•   You may have noticed they have gone a bit gourmet in 2017
•   They also conducted a meat raffle to support Jake Holmes who is off to BMX worlds
•   Impressively they called it "The RAW Meat Raffle" that's got a nice ring to it!

Sign on’s and Licences
•   If this is your first RAW Track for 2017 you will need to show you licence
•   I record your licence as sighted and you are fine for the season.
•   Sign on’s are in race # order.

         RAW TRACK 2017 ….Bring It!  

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