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Author Topic: week 6 21st July 2017  (Read 1255 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: July 18, 2017, 04:24:14 AM »

News and Information
For Week 6
Friday, July, 21 2017
first race 7:05pm  

This week’s Races
•   Round 1   Warm up Scratch
•   Round 2  RAW Track 1.5km Wheel-Race
•   Round 3  Sprint (max 10 up@ 4laps) Div 1 200m fly
•   Round 4  Winners Race

•   Round 5 combines + The Timeblaster 8:33 for $100  
Note: Point scoring rounds are in Blue.

Explain these races

Explain these races

Sprint-  – at RAW Track, sprints are usually run as 4-10 ups over 3-4 laps the first few laps are usually spent sizing your opponents up and positioning yourself for the optimum explosion to the finish. It is not uncommon for a sneaky rider to attack early in the hope of holding a lead to the finish. The sprint is a test of power, speed and above all, tactics.

Winners Race- The race is over 16 laps. There is a sprint with 13laps to-go, the winner of this sprint qualifies for the final sprint, however he/she must continue to race, keeping a close eye on the winners of the sprints with 10, 7 and 4 Laps to go. Each of these riders also qualify for the final sprint. With 4 laps to go all non-qualifying riders must withdraw from the race. leaving a 4 up sprint to decide the final placing. You can work out all the tactics on this one.

The RAW Track Wheel-Race  

Who’s invited into Round 2's  wheel-Race ?
•   This week I will be inviting riders who have 100% attendance to RAW 2017

Thomas Cornish    0   m
John Trovas   40   m
Scott Mills   70   m
Darren Cash    75   m
Adam Ingall   80   m
Brett Scruse    85   m
Ian Grant    130   m
Ben Fox   135   m
Matt Karai   140   m
John Caley   145   m
Paul Whitfeild    150   m
Nigel Apps   175   m
Phil Dobe   180   m
Sandro  Nava   (Sandy)   185   m
Daniel Morrissey   205   m
Mark Craig   210   m
Georgia Bonora   275   m
Kaide Morrissey   305   m
Point Score info

Last week’s top scorers

•   Team Purple  20 points

•   Div 1  Tom Cornish 89 points  
•   Div 2  David Browne 81 points (new leader)
•   Div 3 Ian Grant 80 points  
•   Div 4 Nigel Apps 78 points  
•   Div 5 Georgia Bonora   85 points  

Teams/Clubs Challenge

1   Dulwich Hill   887
2   St George    866
3   ATTA-NSW    652
4   Illawarra   595
5   Randwick    562
6   Penrith   480
7   Lidcombe   443
8   Hunter Dist    331
9   Bicisport    291
10   Sutherland   285

Going up a grade
It is time for the 10 Point Rule to be activated.
  •   Promoted riders will take points with them but will not exceed 10pts below leader of grade. This rule will be activated on Friday 21nd July @ 7:05pm.

Photobucket Suck!

•   Some may have noticed a lot of pictures on my website now display a notification (read ransom note) indicating that the picture has been used for 3rd party hosting.
•   This is from Photobucket or as I now call them Photofucket.
•   When I signed up to their service some 10 years ago, 3rd Party hosting was the sole purpose for their use and part of their contract.
•   Now they want $400 a year. I have deleted the account but they still display their ransom note
•   A big BOOO to this company who have no moral / ethical spine.

  August 04 RAW Track Wheel-Race

Spirito are offering the winner a custom paint job
here is how it works: Bring your track bike to RAW Track August 04  Our expert judges will mark the bike based on the following criteria;
•   Material
•   Manufacturer
•   Structural integrity  
•   Current paint job
•   Bike history
•   SWAG value

The higher the score the bigger the handicap.
You can then go and find someone or yourself to ride the beast in a 3 lap handicap. Winner of the race wins the Spirito Custom paint job.
Rear Lane, 62 Atchison Street
St Leonards, NSW, 2065
0421 896 666

RAW TRACK 2017 ….Bring It!  

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