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Author Topic: Day 5 Sun 31st 2017 @DGV by RAW  (Read 22569 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: December 30, 2017, 03:02:25 PM »

Day 5 of the Sydney Christmas Carnivals

Start time 2pm

Start Time 2:00pm

I think I have beer

Day 5 DGV
•   Rnd 1  Warm up scratch race
•   Rnd 2  Graded Wheel – Race  6 laps
•   Rnd 3  1 lap screamer      
•   Rnd 4  Scratch Race    
•   Rnd 5  Combined handicap. + PARK BIKES Madison  

Sydney Christmas Carnival
 Series Point Score

How it works Riders score points in rounds 2 to 4 in all grades.
The rider with the most points at the conclusion of Day5 will be grade champion
If riders are on equal points... The rider who finishes highest in the final Rnd 4 event will take the higher rank.  

•   Round’s 2, 3 and 4 score = 5,3,2 and 1 (1st to 4th)
•   Riders score 3 points for each carnival

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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2017, 12:47:02 PM »

Syd X-MAS Carnivals                
Race All Winter Track                
Dunc Gray Velodrome, Australia                 
DAY  5  31st  Dec 2017               
Round 1                
Warm up Scratch Races                
Women C          
1   WILLIAMSON, Caitlin      Dulwich Hill BC      
2   GARDNER, Jules       North Sydney       
3   TURNER, Melissa       Central Coast       
Women A               
1   MCCULLOCH, Kaarle      St George CC      
2   ROBARDS, Lauren      VCC      
3   Ho, Selina       St George CC      
4   WILMOT, Lizanne      St George CC      
Women B               
1   ROBINSON, Kalinda       Bathurst       
2   SAUNDERS, Olivia      St George CC      
3   FULLER, Haylee      Dubbo CC      
4   TRKULJA, Amelia      Illawarra CC      
D Grade                
1   MATTHEWS, Robert      Sydney Uni Velo Club      
2   Ho, Morgan       St George CC      
3   KIRKHAM, William       Dulwich Hill BC      
4   MCMILLAN, Adrian      Illawarra CC      
C Grade                
1   GIOVANETTI, Andrew      Hunter District CC      
2   CONNEELY, Tommy      Sutherland Shire CC      
3   HALL, Robert      Camden Cycle Club      
4   COCKERTON, Graham      Bicisport      
B Grade                
1   HINES, Mitchell      Dubbo CC      
2   FARR, Jason      Dubbo CC      
3   SANTOS, Lawrence      Lidcombe Auburn CC      
4   MCINNES, Christopher      Southern Cross CC      
A Grade                
1   CUFF, Stephen      Penrith CC      
2   CARTER, Harrison      Bathurst CC      
3   BIN ROSLI, Muhammad Aiman      Malaysia      
4   HARVEY, Benjamin      St George CC      
ROUND 2               
Women C         Club      
1   WILLIAMSON, Caitlin      Dulwich Hill BC      
2   TURNER, Melissa       Central Coast       
3   GARDNER, Jules       North Sydney       
Women B          Club      
1   BONNETT, Fiona      Brunswick Cycling Club INC      
2   WALLACE, Mia      St George CC      
3   BENJAMIN, Lise      Bicisport      
4   HOOTON, Cat       Bathurst       
Women A                
1   MCCULLOCH, Kaarle      St George CC      
2   ROBARDS, Lauren      VCC      
3   Ho, Selina       St George CC      
4   SANDISON, Hannah      Park Life       
D Grade                
1   GARSTANG, Russell      Central Coast CC      
2   WILLIAMSON, Colin       Dulwich Hill BC      
3   HAYNES, David      Penrith CC      
4   Ho, Morgan       St George CC      
C Grade                
1   JONES, Harry      Canberra Cycling Club      
2   GIOVANETTI, Andrew      Hunter District CC      
3   DEITZ, David      Illawarra CC      
4   OLIVER, Keith      St George       
B Grade                
1   SPACKMAN, Tim       Penrith       
2   MCINNES, Christopher      Southern Cross CC      
3   FORREST Taylor      Lidcombe      
4   PARTLIN, Fletcher      Tamworth CC      
A Grade                
1   TROVAS, John       St George CC      
2   CARTER, Harrison      Bathurst CC      
3   GLANVILLE, Matthew      Randwick Botany CC      
4   WILLIAMS, Jarrod       Illawarra CC      
ROUND 3               
1 lap screamer                
Women C               
1   TURNER, Melissa       Central Coast       25.13
2   WILLIAMSON, Caitlin      Dulwich Hill BC      
3   GARDNER, Jules       North Sydney       
Women B             
1   ROBINSON, Kalinda       Bathurst       22.08
2   WALLACE, Mia      St George CC      
3   BONNETT, Fiona      Brunswick Cycling Club INC      
4   BENJAMIN, Lise      Bicisport      
Women B 2                
1   HOOTON, Cat       Bathurst       23.75
2   WILTSHIRE, Georgia      Southern Cross CC      
Women B 3            23.74
1   SAUNDERS, Olivia      St George CC      
2   TRKULJA, Amelia      Illawarra CC      
3   FULLER, Haylee      Dubbo CC      
Women A                
1   MCCULLOCH, Kaarle      St George CC      23.12
2   DAVIES, Tasmin      Canberra Cycling Club      
3   HEFFERNAN, Shari      Illawarra CC      
4   JACKSON, Claudia      Southern Cross CC      
Women A 2               
1   ROBARDS, Lauren      0      23.57
2   SANDISON, Hannah      Park Life       
3   DOLE, Tahlia      Illawarra CC      
Women A 3               
1   WILMOT, Lizanne      St George CC      21.39
2   Ho, Selina       St George CC      
3   FITYUS, Lucie      Hunter District CC      
4   WALLACE, Tess      St George CC      
D Grade                23.6
1   Nigel apps       0      
2   GARSTANG, Russell      Central Coast CC      
3   MCMILLAN, Adrian      Illawarra CC      
D Grade 2               24.77
1   PARTLAN, Alan       Tamworth CC      
2   KIRKHAM, William       Dulwich Hill BC      
3   WILLIAMSON, Colin       Dulwich Hill BC      
D Grade 3               
1   THEOL, Theo      Eastern Suburbs CC      22.12
2   MORRISEY, Daniel       Randwick       
3   VERDON, Andy       Dulwich Hill BC      
D Grade 4               
1   GRAY, Hugh      Central Coast CC      23.41
2   MATTHEWS, Robert      Sydney Uni Velo Club      
3   HAYNES, David      Penrith CC      
4   Ho, Morgan       St George CC      
C Grade                
1   APPS-TULIP, Mack       Lidcombe Auburn CC      23.04
2   MURRAY, Kevin       Central Coast CC      
3   FITYUS, Stephen       Hunter District CC      
4   OLIVER, Keith      St George       
C  Grade 2               
1   OCH, Jonothan       St George CC      21.27
2   HALL, Robert      Camden Cycle Club      
3   RIGOLI, Gian      Lidcombe Auburn CC      
4   TATARTINOFF, Mark       Central Coast CC      
C Grade 3               
1   DALE, Charles      0      21.37
2   CHUNG, Eddie            Randwick Botany CC        
3   TAYLOR, Scott       Dulwich Hill BC      
4   JONES, Harry      Canberra Cycling Club      
C  Grade 4               
1   SAMUEL, Daniel      Bankstown Sports CC      22.32
2   SLOAN, Stephen      Coffs Harbour CC      
3   PETERS, Brian       Southern Cross       
4   COCKERTON, Graham      Bicisport      
C Grade 5               
1   SINCLAIR, Aiden      Hunter District CC      22.28
2   DEITZ, David      Illawarra CC      
3   GIOVANETTI, Andrew      Hunter District CC      
4   CONNEELY, Tommy      Sutherland Shire CC      
B Grade                
1   CYRESZKO, Maximilian      St George CC      21.3
2   PARTLIN, Fletcher      #N/A      
3   MILLS, Scott       St George CC      
4   BAXTER, Geoffrey      Randwick Botany CC      
B  Grade 2               
1   SMALL, Lindsay      Dulwich Hill BC      21.72
2   BROWNE, David       Bicisport      
3   LOOGMAN, Olaf      Dulwich Hill BC      
B Grade 3               
1   MCINNES, Christopher      Southern Cross CC      21.17
2   HINES, Mitchell      Dubbo CC      
3   ROBINSON, James      Illawarra CC      
4   SPACKMAN, Tim       Penrith       
B  Grade 4               
1   FORREST Taylor      Lidcombe      20.31
2   SANTOS, Lawrence      Lidcombe Auburn CC      
3   TRICCAS, Adrian      Lidcombe Auburn CC      
B Grade 5               
1   FARR, Jason      Dubbo CC      20.62
2   MICALLEF, Alex       Lidcombe      
3   HINES, Tim      Dubbo CC      
4   BRODIE, Joshua      0      
A Grade 1               
1   WILLIAMS, Jarrod       Illawarra CC      20.83
2   CUFF, Stephen      Penrith CC      
3   CHUBBS, Alex       Dulwich Hill BC      
A Grade 2               
1   TROVAS, John       St George CC      19.67
2   GLANVILLE, Matthew      Randwick Botany CC      
3   FITRI, Muhammad Amar      Malaysia      
4   VAN DER VLIET, Jake      Sunshine Coast CC      
   HARVEY, Ben            

A Grade 3               
1   CORNISH, Thomas      Southern Cross CC      19.83
2   CARTER, Harrison      Bathurst CC      
3   BIN ROSLI, Muhammad Aiman      Malaysia      
4   CRAIG, NATHAN       Penrith CC      
ROUND 4               
Women B + C       
1   HOWE, Emmy      St George CC      
2   FULLER, Haylee      Dubbo CC      
3   SAUNDERS, Olivia      St George CC      
4   ROBINSON, Kalinda       Bathurst       
Women A                
1   MCCULLOCH, Kaarle      St George CC      
2   Ho, Selina       St George CC      
3   ROBARDS, Lauren      VCC      
4   FITYUS, Lucie      Hunter District CC      
D Grade                
1   MATTHEWS, Robert      Sydney Uni Velo Club      
2   HAYNES, David      Penrith CC      
3   GRAY, Hugh      Central Coast CC      
4   Ho, Morgan       St George CC      
C Grade                
1   DEITZ, David      Illawarra CC      
2   HALL, Robert      Camden Cycle Club      
3   GIOVANETTI, Andrew      Hunter District CC      
4   OLIVER, Keith      St George       
B Grade                
1   FARR, Jason      Dubbo CC      
2   BROWNE, David       Bicisport      
3   SPACKMAN, Tim       Penrith       
4   HINES, Tim      Dubbo CC      
A Grade                
1   CRAIG, NATHAN       Penrith CC      
2   WILLIAMS, Jarrod       Illawarra CC      
3   TROVAS, John       St George CC      
4   FITRI, Muhammad Amar      Malaysia      
ROUND 5               
Combine Handicaps                
D + C                
1   JONES, Harry      Canberra Cycling Club      
2   SINCLAIR, Aiden      Hunter District CC      
3   HALL, Robert      Camden Cycle Club      
4   CONNEELY, Tommy      Sutherland Shire CC      
PARK BIKES Madison               
1   Robards / Cuff            
2   Craig / Spackman            
3   Triccas / Micallef            
4   Cornish / Fityus            
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2017, 12:54:32 PM »

Points awarded for day 5

Men A    
TROVAS, John    15
WILLIAMS, Jarrod    12
CARTER, Harrison   9
CORNISH, Thomas   8
GLANVILLE, Matthew   8
FITRI,  Amar   6
CUFF, Stephen   6
BIN ROSLI,  Aiman   5
CHUBBS, Alex    5
HARVEY, Benjamin   4

Men B   
FARR, Jason   13
MCINNES, Christopher   11
SPACKMAN, Tim    11
FORREST Taylor   10
BROWNE, David    9
SMALL, Lindsay   8
CYRESZKO, Maximilian   8
PARTLIN, Fletcher   7
HINES, Tim   6
MICALLEF, Alex    6
SANTOS, Lawrance    6
LOOGMAN, Olaf   5
MILLS, Scott    5
TRICCAS, Adrien   5
ROBINSON, James   5
BRODIE, Joshua    4
BAXTER, Geoffrey   4
JAMES, Felix    3

Men C    
DEITZ, David   13
GIOVANETTI, Andrew   10
HALL, Robert   9
JONES, Harry   9
SINCLAIR, Aiden   8
OCH, Jonothan    8
SAMUEL, Daniel   8
DALE Charles   8
APPS-TULIP, Mack    8
HINES, Mitchell   6
CHUNG, Eddie         6
SLOAN, Stephen   6
OLIVER, Keith   6
MURRAY, Kevin    6
PETERS, Brian    5
RIGOLI, Gian   5
TAYLOR, Scott    5
FITYUS, Stephen    5
CONNEELY, Tommy   4
COCKERTON, Graham   4
COLANTONIO, Anthony   3
APPLEYARD, Brian   3

Men D   
MATTHEWS, Robert   11
GARSTANG, Russell   11
HAYNES, David   10
GRAY, Hugh   10
WILLIAMSON, Colin    8
PARTLIN, Allan    8
THEOL, Theo   8
APPS, Nigel    8
Ho, Morgan    6
KIRKHAM, William    6
MORRISEY, Daniel    6
MCMILLAN, Adrian   5
VERDON, Andy    5

Wom A    
MCCULLOCH, Kaarle   18
ROBARDS, Lauren   13
Ho, Selina    11
WILMOT, Lizanne   8
SANDISON, Hannah   7
FITYUS, Lucie   6
DAVIES, Tasmin   6
HEFFERNAN, Shari   5
WALLACE, Tess   4
JACKSON, Claudia   4
MAY, Heather   3

Wom B    
SAUNDERS, Olivia   10
BONNETT, Fiona   10
WALLACE, Mia   9
ROBINSON, Kalinda    9
HOOTON, Cat    9
FULLER, Haylee   8
HOWE, Emmy   8
TRKULJA, Amelia   6
WILTSHIRE, Georgia   6
BENJAMIN, Lise   6
DOLE, Tahlia   5

Wom C    
TURNER, Melissa    11
WILLIAMSON, Caitlin   11
GARDNER, Jules    7
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« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2018, 11:59:35 PM »

Sydney Christmas Carnivals Daly 5

Sorry about the late report. I have a life (sometimes) and went out on a cycle tour through the Wollemi National Park.

We made it, last day, only a handful of races left. At this point, my sprinters maths was getting better. Out of the big names, Kaarle May McCulloch, Heather May, Selina Ho, Chloe Heffernan and Me; only me and Selina did he full 5 days. We were clear of the rest of the field in A grade by about day 3, so day 4 and 5 were all about helping friends and team mates.

Race report-
Warm up scratch- Hello legs. Surprisingly I’m feeling fresh. The only problem is Kaarle is on the track, along with Lauren Robards and they are actually fresh. You could tell that there were some sore legs n the bunch, most of the girls were pulling short turns. I spent most of the time on the front keeping the pace firm but not too fast. With 4 to go I peeled off the front, and the whole bunch decided to swing up. Kudos to Tahlia Dole who after smashing B grade, moved up to A. She saw the bunch swing up and took the opportunity to up the pace a little more. Welcome to A grade! Then there I was 2 laps to go, and back on the front. Keirin time! Basically, I sat tempo and waited for the sprint to come through. Sprint happened, my legs deicide no longer fresh, I finished 4th after watching a great battle between Kaarle, Lauren and Selina.

Wheel race- yeah nah. I don’t need points in this. But Kaarle does if she is going to get on the podium. Riders attention, go! It was a fast-solid start. I was third rider, and by the time it was my turn to pull a turn I only had about 50m to bridge to the front bunch. Easy… except the front bunch blew us as we arrived, riders everywhere and traffic. Scratchies made it through, Kaarle got the points. I didn’t die, mission accomplished!

One lap screamer- I did a lap, my legs screamed, I didn’t get rolled by Selina! I now had enough points to cement my A grade win. It felt good. Beer time! (but wait, two more races)

Long final scratch race- this was it. If Kaarle won this race and Lucie Fityus didn’t get any points, it would be a St George Cycling Club podium. Game on. But so much harder to execute. A few riders were in on this. Getting someone up on a race is simple, but trying to make sure someone doesn’t score at the same time is a lot harder. We didn’t plan it out too well. I put a few surges in during the race, hoping to burn a couple matches for the other riders. With a few laps to go everything was set up. Kaarle was up the front, bunch of riders were protecting her, Lucie was boxed. Last lap, sprint was on. Lucie got out, and it was game on. There were 5 or 6 of us on the line. Kaarle won, Lucie got 1 point. That was it, the final placings sorted on the last race on the last night. I love the excitement the Christmas carnivals bring

The final race was a handicap scratch, I emptied my tank. I rode solidly trying to just make it up to the front markers. With the bell ringing and the bunch I was working with still on the other side, I knew my night was done. Didn’t get to contest the final sprint, but I rode my hardest.

I’m so proud of the girls I got to race with over the last 5 days. It was a solid crew with great banter and teamwork thrown in. To all the interstate and country riders, thanks for coming to Sydney, you are always welcome to come play bikes! And if you ever need a place to crash, my door is always open.

Huge thanks to Paul Craft for putting on a great series, James Brown the chief comm, and David Browne for organizing the Park Bikes@Sydney Olympic ParkMadison. Along with way too many volunteers to mention. Thank you!

also a shout out to our sponsors- Park Bikes Ride TWE RAW Track Happy Wheels Bicycle Sales & Service Shimano-Road Skingrowsback HardwearEuropean Imports Beer Bankstown Sports Two Monkeys Cycling Alexandria

and the hosting clubs
Bankstown Sports Cycling Club Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club St George Cycling Club Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club - LACC

Final Standings
Women A
Lizanne Wilmot
Selina Ho
Lucie Fityus
Kaarle May McCulloch

Women B
Tahlia Dole
Haylee Fuller
Olivia Saunders
Amelia Trkulja

Women C
Melissa Turner
Cait Williamson
Julie Marie

Final results here

Photos here

And I’ll finish uploading my videos today.
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