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Author Topic: RRS 2018 Day 2 Stage 2 results  (Read 7771 times)
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« on: May 28, 2018, 01:32:44 AM »

Stage Results
1   Ben Neppl      Dhuez Racing       0:34:24
2   Chris Miller       Nero KOM Racing       0:34:32
3   Jonothan Millington       Dhuez Racing       0:35:06
4   Mick Curran       Dhuez Racing       0:35:20
5   Daniel Gandy      St George NRS       0:35:46
6   Angus Calder      Nero KOM Racing       0:36:08
7   Robert Car       Rauland Development        0:36:08
8   Seb Myer      Nero KOM Racing       0:36:18
9   James Nicol      Nero KOM Racing       0:36:36
10   Mathew Waner Smith       Dhuez Racing       0:37:00
11   Ben Harvey       St George NRS       0:37:04
12   Wesley Ho       St George NRS       0:37:24
13   Jared Triggs      St George NRS       0:38:47
14   Young Chang       St George NRS       0:39:27
15   Rohan Hayden      St George NRS       0:39:32

Race winner: DHUEZ Racing's Ben Neppl, looking very slippery

Stage Team General classification

1  Dhuez Racing    1:09:30
2  Nero KOM Racing    1:10:40
3  St George NRS    1:12:50
4  Rauland Development     1:13:12
5  Mobius Bridgelane         -
6  Oliver's Real Food Racing         -
7  Australian Cycling Academy        -
8  MTOSS Racing                          -
9  GPM Stulz                                 -

Overall  Team General classification
1    Nero KOM Racing       3:19:00
2    Dhuez Racing       3:19:50
3    St George NRS       3:21:09
4    Rauland Development        3:23:32
5     Mobius Bridgelane            -
6     Oliver's Real Food Racing         -
7     Australian Cycling Academy        -
8     MTOSS Racing                          -
9     GPM Stulz                                 -

Time behind leading team after stage 2
1   Nero KOM Racing       0 sec
2   Dhuez Racing        @ 50 sec
3   St George NRS       @ 2 min 09 sec
4   Rauland Development        @ 4 min 32 sec

Stage 2 report
The weather forecast for Sunday was miserable to say the least. However, upon our very early morning arrival we were greeted by; let’s say …… “glum” conditions. It was cold, windy and damp but not freezing, cyclonic and bucketing down which the good weather folk had predicted.

In terms of the conditions being suitable to record breaking times, they definitely were not.
•   Air pressure    = 1018 (not good)
•   Air temperature = 12 c (Bad)
•   Humidity = 63 c (average)
Punching this data along with an altitude of 205m (Calga) into the air density calculator it puts the needle firmly in the red (BAD!)

The NRS riders started before 8pm prior to 100+ ATTA-nsw regulars. They copped the coldest and windiest part of the day but still managing to set the fastest times of the monthly Time Trial.  DHUEZ racing had targeted this stage along with the Team Time Trial (stage 3) in the lead up to the series. Sporting three former or current National Time Trial (age based) Champions they certainly had the pedigree to succeed, which indeed they did placing three riders in the top 4 positions.

Dhuez racing’s current National Pursuit Champion (Ben Neppl) won the day in a time of 34:24 (for 25km) 8 seconds ahead of NERO KOM financial Advisors, Chris Miller. Dhuez also took out the ITT GC classification 1 min 10 sec clear of NERO KOM financial Advisors and even further in front of third place St George NRS.

Day 2 info
Event type:      Individual Time Trial + Team Time Trial
Venue:       Jones Rd Calga, (Central Coast)
Host Club:       ATTA-nsw + RAW
Date:         Sunday June 03, 2018  

Individual Time Trial (Stage 2)

Race Start:       7:30am
Cost:             $20 per rider
Pre-entry:           Pre-entry and start times can be allocated at stage 1 criterium.
Race Distance:    25km  
Series timing:     For stage 2
•   The top 2 riders of each team will contribute to series general classification.
•   If a team only fields one rider or only has one or less riders finishing they will be allocated the slowest counting time for GC.
Equipment: UCI approved (TT or Road)

Event rules:    
Some “House rules” from the local club however essentially please refer to section 3.32 page 20 of CA Tech Regs

Special notes:
•   This event is being hosted by ATTA-nsw who run a regular Time Trial on the first Sunday of the month. The only change to the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is that they have moved the NRS riders to an early start time.
•   The RRS (NRS) riders will start in the first wave
•   Riders will leave the ATTA start ramp at 1-minute intervals
•   Drafting will be monitored.
•   Follow cars for the individual TT are discouraged.
•   Please follow instructions of race officials and race director.

Note: There is no minimum or maximum # of riders per team who can compete.
Only your top two times will count to GC

Also to avoid potential collusion, there will be a minimum 2 min gap between start times of Team Mates.

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