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Author Topic: RRS 2018 Day 2 Stage 3 results  (Read 7572 times)
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« on: May 28, 2018, 01:35:35 AM »

Stage Results
1 Dhuez Racing    0:33:25
2 Nero KOM Racing    0:33:56
3 St George NRS    0:35:02
4 Rauland Development     0:36:08

12.5km split
1 Dhuez Racing    0:17.17
2 Nero KOM Racing    0:17.46
3 St George NRS    0:18.21
4 Rauland Development  

Overall  Team General classification
1 Nero KOM Racing    3:52:56
2 Dhuez Racing    3:53:15
3 St George NRS    3:56:11
4 Rauland Development     3:59:40
5  Mobius Bridgelane         -
6  Oliver's Real Food Racing         -
7  Australian Cycling Academy        -
8  MTOSS Racing                          -
9  GPM Stulz                                 -

Time behind leading team after stage 2
1   Nero KOM Racing       0 sec
2   Dhuez Racing        @ 19 sec
3   St George NRS       @ 3 min 15 sec
4   Rauland Development        @ 6 min 44 sec
5  Mobius Bridgelane         -
6  Oliver's Real Food Racing         -
7  Australian Cycling Academy        -
8  MTOSS Racing                          -
9  GPM Stulz                                 -

Stage 3 Report
A little over an hour after the ITT had concluded, the riders had put their aerodynamic weaponry in the car trading them for road bikes in preparation for the Team Time Trial.
The weather had warmed considerably by the time the teams started to roll out of the ATTA-nsw start ramp. Initially the young St George-NRS team was setting the fastest time at the 12.5km split but they were eclipsed by the two juggernauts of the time trial Dhuez and Nero KOM racing.  The six members of Dhuez turned in 17 min 17 sec starting the mostly downhill return leg 29 sec clear of Nero KOM. They used an André Greipel like lead-out train shedding riders every couple of km’s leaving only their three strongest to tackle blood hill and the final 3km home. They recorded the fastest time of the day 33 min 25 seconds. Impressively Nero KOM lost only 2 seconds on the final 12.5km to end the day 31 sec behind but maintaining a 19 sec lead on General classification going into the final stage road race at West Head (July 08th).

I am looking forward to seeing Chris Millers Vlog on the event  particularly to see if he captured a near crash in his team after a clip of wheels. I am sure all teams gained valuable experience in this specific discipline and will utilise the skills when the National Series restarts July 27  

Team Time Trial (Stage 3)

Race Start:         approximately 9:30 for first team.
Cost:                     Free to riders who road ITT, $5 per additional rider.  
Start seating:        will be determined on reverse GC
Race Distance:     25km  
Series timing:      For stage 3
•   The time of the team will contribute to series general classification.
•   Each team must finish with a minimum of ½ their starting riders. This number will be determined prior to start time.
•   The teams time will be taken on the first rider to cross the line, if teammates are within a 10m spread, otherwise it will be on the nth (pre-determined)  
•   If a team only fields one rider they can opt to have their ITT count for GC.
Equipment: UCI approved (TT or Road)  edit Road bikes Only

Event rules:    
Some “House rules” from the local club however essentially please refer to section 3.70 page 37 of CA Tech Regs

Special notes:
•   This event is being hosted by ATTA-nsw who run a regular Time Trial on the first Sunday of the month and will be running off their Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
•   Teams will leave the ATTA start at 3-minute intervals
•   Drafting will be monitored.
•   Follow cars for the Team Time Trial are encouraged however please consider a flashing light, signage and impact on local traffic.
•   Please follow instructions of race officials and race director.

Note: There is no minimum or maximum # of riders per team who can compete.
Only that you must finish with at least 1/2 your starting riders


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