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Author Topic: week 5 July 13 2018  (Read 674 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: July 09, 2018, 12:35:08 AM »

News and Information
For Week 5
Friday, July, 13  2018

first race 7:30pm  
This week’s Races
•   Round 1   Warm up Scratch
•   Round 2  Sprint (4 up @ 2 Laps)  
•   Round 3  Points-Race    
•   Round 4  div 5 timed Italian
•   Round 5 Super Italian

Explain these races
Sprint - - at RAW Track, sprints are usually run as 4-6 ups over 2-4 laps the first laps are usually spent sizing your opponents up and positioning yourself for the optimum explosion to the finish. It is not uncommon for a sneaky rider to attack early in the hope of holding a lead to the finish. The sprint is a test of power, speed and above all, tactics.

Point race- Riders must score points by sprinting for intermittent sprints every ?? laps for bonuses (5, 3, 2, 1 points). Lapping the field scores a bonus 20 points, consequently losing a lap to the field scores -20points. (however at RAW lapped riders are withdrawn with no penalty to their score) The final sprint is worth double points.(however at RAW we generally only have 3 sprints so-"no double on last sprint") Winner of the race is the rider with the most points, ties are split by position on final sprint. (however at RAW later sprints take precedence)

timed Italian: Due to a change in teams night for 2018, I have introduced a new round that will contribute to your teams points tally. This round is intended to prevent the super Italian from having too many riders.
All Div 5 riders + 1 x Div 4 rider will line up for a timed Italian over 6 laps the maximum distance any rider can travel at the front is 1 ½ Laps you do the math from there.

Super Italian: Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZt4GawuJV8

 Teams Night is always one of the best nights of the year,
 also one of the hardest to organise so please read on!

Two Special notes for 2018
•   Due to reduced number of participants in 2018 compared to years gone by, Teams night is modified from six (6) coloured teams to four (4) teams.

•   Two of the colours for team’s night are, white and black. If the commentator refers to the “white-rider” or the “black-rider” it should not be considered culturally insensitivity or politically incorrect! It is simply referring to the colour bib the rider is representing.

Teams night.
•   This week will be one of RAW Tracks Famous Team Challenge Night
•   How does this work?
•   As you sign on you will be allocated and assigned one of six four  team colours.
•   Your team colour will be a T-Shirt you must wear.
•   Teams will be Red, Blue, White and Black
•   Every race you will score 5 , 3 , 2 and 1 point towards your team score.
•   The point scouring rounds will be 1, 2,  3 and 4
•   Round 4 will be a timed Italian Pursuit worth 10, 6, 4 and 2points (on time)
•   Round 5 will be a super Italian Pursuit using your colour team
•   Team Points will determine the Ride Off order (1 v 2 for 1st and 3 v 4 for 3rd)
•   The Italian Pursuit will determine the final results.  

What is the reward?
•   Members of the teams individually will receive a bonus 10, 8, 6 and 4 points respectively towards the TWE series point-score.  
•   Again this year riders will not earn individual points for placing in races.

Why are we doing this?
•   Because it is a heap of fun.
•   It is a great opportunity to socialise with people you normally wouldn’t
•   A Div 1 rider will intently watch how his Div 5 team mate is going and may offer a tip or two

Team’s night procedure
•   Please ensure that when you sign on you receive a colour strip and a safety pin T-shirt
•   Record your colour on sign on sheet (in the correct column)
•   Please wear your colour T-Shirt  

Team’s night seating

•   Again this year I will set up 4 flagged areas. One for each team colour.
•   It is encouraged/ compulsory that riders from each team sit in designated area.
•   At the start of the night, all riders will be asked to relocate to their respective colour camps.  

What if there is a draw on points
•   Should two teams be equal on points after round 4 and potentially be in different ride off’s (e.g. 2nd and 3rd tied)
•   In RAW Track style, Scissor Paper Rock between team captains will determine the higher position.

Trying to manipulate the Teams
•   Each Year, certain individuals try to beat the system by getting a particular team for whatever reason; (Friends, club mates or good riders)
•   To this I say “Don’t” Chill-Out, let the cards fall where they may. It is more fun this way.  

TWE Point Score

Last week’s top scorers

•   Div 1 Thomas Cornish    18 points  
•   Div 2 David Browne    18 points
•   Div 3 Rodrigo Notaro   20 pts
•   Div 4 Nigel Apps + Claudia Marcks   20points  
•   Div 5 Mila Knezouic   + Georgia O'Callaghan    17points  

•   Div 1 Zac Marshall 60  points  
•   Div 2 David Browne + Brett Scruse   60  points
•   Div 3 Jarrah Anderson   62 points
•   Div 4 Nigel Apps   69 points  
•   Div 5 Keith Winsor   54 points  


VIE13 Teams/Clubs Challenge

1   St George    703
2   Lidcombe   692
3   ATTA-NSW    582
4   Dulwich Hill   573
5   Vikings    280
6   Rapha    272
7   Randwick    267
8   Penrith   254
9   Canberra    215
10   Southern X   213
11   Hunter Dist    207
12   Parramatta    152
13   ANU   132
14   Park-Life    126
15   Illawarra   111
16   Bicisport    95
17   SUVELO   68
18   WAGGA   65
19   Waratah Masters    64
20   Peloton Sports    53
21   Marconi    43
22   Central Coast   41
23   Bathurst   31
24   Bankstown    30
25   Sutherland   30


Check out this cool video of the Canberra Clan

•   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuCs42Uvae0
•       thanks to Ray Gorrell- for being Coach / Taxi Driver / Motivator  / cameraman and Video Editor

RAW Track and Tour de France
•   Step 1 drink coffee
•   Step 2 Race RAW
•   Step 3 Eat late
•   Step 4 Watch the Tour
This is the perfect mix! You will be that full of adrenalin, that even the soothing tones of Keenan/McEwan will not send you to slumber!

     RAW TRACK 2018 ….Bring It!  
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