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Author Topic: Week 8 Aug 03, 2018  (Read 6874 times)
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News and Information
For Week 8
Friday, Aug 03 2018
first race 7:30pm  

This week’s Races
•   Round 1   Warm up Scratch
• Round 2  Keirin
• Round 3 KUSTOM KEIRIN final
• Round 4  Endurance Motorpace
• Round 5 Combines + CIRCULUS Time Blaster 8:44 for $300
Round 6 La-Rivage drinks/meal
 Note: Point scoring rounds are in Blue.

Explain these races

Explain these races

Keirin- The keirin is a motorpaced event that is very popular in Japan where it originated. In that country, huge amounts of money are bet on races and professional keirin riders command impressive salaries. It is similar to the match sprint, but features 6-8 riders on the track. A derny motorbike paces the riders from 25 km/h up to 45 km/h for the first few laps. During this time, riders jostle each other for the best position and this is often the roughest part of the event. With two and a half laps to go, the derny bike pulls off and the sprint is on. Team tactics are important here, as the leadout is often quite long. If one team can get two of their riders in the final, then they are at a distinct advantage. reference

Motorpace- A derny motorbike paces the riders from the start at 45 km/h for the first few laps. The Derny rider will up the pace to a steady 48km/h. During this time, riders will rotate positions completing a max of one lap behind the derny. With about four laps to go, the derny bike pulls off and a standard scratch race starts. This event is intended to be an endurance race, with the pace of the derny ensuring fatigue has set in by the time it swings off.

Included in tonight's Program will be The "KUSTOM KEIRIN" final

•   VIE13 are not only the Club Challenge sponsor they are also sponsoring a KUSTOM KEIRIN Series.
•   Round 2's Keirins will contribute to the TWE points series, however they will also be a qualifier for the KUSTOM KEIRIN finals.
•   The top 4-6 riders from each grade will qualify for Round 3's KUSTOM KEIRIN final.
•   Round 3 will not carry points but will have prizes for the winner.

EXAMPLE of qualifiers when your grade has:
•   2 heats = Top 3 of each heat qualify
•   3 heats = Top 2 of each heat qualify
•   4+ heat = winner only qualifies
Round 1 KUSTOM KEIRIN winners

CIRCULUS Time Blaster 8:44 for $300

Point Score info

Last week’s top scorers

•   Div 1 Rohan Haydon-Smith   18 points  
•   Div 2  Finely Moutter   18 points
•   Div 3  Rodrigo Notaro  16 points  
•   Div 4 M Apps-Tulip +  T Stilwell  + S Beatty  + N Sirisomphone   15 points  
•   Div 5 Jamie Och   20 points  

•   Div 1 Tom Cornish 102 points  
•   Div 2 David Browne 102 points
•   Div 3 Jarrah Anderson + Tess Wallace 98 points  
•   Div 4 Nigel Apps 115 points  
•   Div 5 Georgia Bonora   87 points  

VIE13 Teams/Clubs Challenge

1   St George    1172
2   ATTA-nsw    1132
3   Lidcombe   1058
4   Dulwich Hill   1051

 RAW TRACK 2018….Bring It!  

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