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Author Topic: Week 9 AUg 10 2018  (Read 7626 times)
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News and Information
For Week 9
Friday, Aug 10 2018
first race 7:30pm  

This week’s Races
•   Round 1   Warm up Scratch
•   Round 2  -- no race
•   Round 3  Handicaps (4-6 riders 2 laps, Start top and bottom)  
•   Round 4  Snowball

•   Round 5 Combines  
Note: Point scoring rounds are in Blue.

Explain these races

Handicaps – These will be run in heats of approximately 4-6 riders over two laps (500m) I will determine your starting position upon entry to the track. Some riders will start off the top fence and some  will start off the bottom fence about 20m behind. Whistle start.
 False start punishment.
•   Official notes minor false start = relegation of 1 position
•   Official notes significant false start = relegation to last of the group (may differ to Last)
•   Official notes major false start = relegation to last.  

Snowball- Sometimes called a progressive point-score. The race is run similar to a point score-however each lap is a sprint for first place only with the points earned corresponding to the laps completed i.e. the winner of the first sprint gets 1 point winner of the 10th sprint gets 10points. The overall winner is the rider with the most points.

Point Score info

Last week’s top scorers

•   Div 1 Tom Bolton 17  points  
•   Div 2  Christopher McInnes ,Alex Chubb  Geoff Wilson and Derren Perry    15points
•   Div 3  Rodrigo Notaro  17 points  
•   Div 4 Claudia Marcks   20 points  
•   Div 5 Georgia O'Callaghan    18 points  

•   Div 1 Shaun MacWilliams   113 points   new leader
•   Div 2 David Browne 116 points
•   Div 3 Rodrigo Notaro   114 points    new leader
•   Div 4 Nigel Apps 131 points  
•   Div 5 Georgia Bonora   97 points  

VIE13 Teams/Clubs Challenge

1   St George    1342
2   ATTA-nsw    1286
3   Lidcombe   1214
4   Dulwich Hill   1188
5   Canberra    679
6   Vikings    566
7   Penrith   512
8   Rapha    466
9   Randwick    443
10   Illawarra   427


Watch these Battles develop in the TWE Series

Division 1
Shaun McWilliams Vs Blake Ryan Vs Tom Cornish
Shaun has impressed everyone in 2018, he seems to be an all-round track rider, Whilst Blake cannot be considered a one trick pony. Blake has great staying ability. Whilst he suffers in the endurance events he still outlasts the pure speedsters.
The wild card is Tom Cornish. Whilst he is now away for National duties he will return in time for double points and may well be unstoppable.

Division 2
The Old Man v’s the young gun. David Browne has been there done that, when it comes to RAW Track. There is no doubt he has the smarts and the speed to win the series. But Finely Moutter is still developing and in 1 months’ time he will actually be even faster than he is now, the same cannot be said for Bronwie.

Division 3
ATM it is a three-way battle between Rodrigo Notaro, Jarrah Anderson and Tess Wallace. The final result will depend on if Rodrigo goes up to div 2 or not. If Rodrigo decides to stay I can’t see him getting beaten.

Division 4
Here I thought Nigel Apps had div 4 sewn up with his reluctance to take on div 3 he seemed to be in an unbeatable position, however Claudia Marks has been unstoppable over the last few weeks and is now just one-point shy of the lead. Don’t forget Nigel’s son Mack is also getting faster and may yet get one up on his father.

Division 5
Similar to last year Georgia Bonora has the lead going into the final 6 weeks but just behind her is a heap of familiar faces to Georgia ready to snap up the lead especially when it goes double points

 RAW TRACK 2018….Bring It!  

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