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Author Topic: Week 10 Aug 17. 2018  (Read 7324 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

« on: August 13, 2018, 01:21:57 AM »

News and Information
For Week 10
Friday, August 17 2018


first race 7:30pm

This week’s Races
•   Round 1   Warm up Scratch
•   Round 2  The Apple To Zucchini  FAT-MANS Wheel-Race  
•   Round 3  1 ½ Lap Screamer (5up)  
•   Round 4  Poker Race  

•   Round 5 Combines  + CIRCULUS  Time Blaster 8:32 for $100
Note: Point scoring rounds are in Blue.

CIRCULUS Time Blaster 8:32 for $100
Explain these races

Explain these races

1.5 lap Screamers - -– Riders draw lots to start in position 1-5 up the track. The riders start in a Time trial hold (No-Push) for whistle start on the pursuiters line in back straight. First one to complete 1 1/2 wins. Easy.

Poker Race- ran on the same rules as the Point'a'Lap race however, instead of earning points you earn cards. On the first lap the first rider across the line wins  a card, on any additional point won you receive an extra card. The winner of the race is the rider who has the highest ranked card Ace Hearts being the highest and 2 of Spades the lowest. Don't worry you don't have to carry the cards with you, we keep them on the desk.

The Apple To Zucchini  FAT-MANS Wheel-Race   - Entrants will be measured at the velodrome. Entrant’s weigh-in will be done in cycling race clothing with no shoes. A pat down will take place for any contraband (extra weight). Your height and weight will be entered into the laptop to determine your BMI. The top 10 BMI’s will qualify for the race. The lowest BMI will start at 0m. The highest BMI will start at ~120m Everyone else will start at corresponding marks determined by the above formula on %

This years event is brought to you by Apple to Zucchini 
Apple to Zucchini specialise in all areas of Nutrition including Sports Nutrition
They are a passionate team of sports dietitians, dedicated to get your body in the shape you want it to be!


Congratulations to the RAW track junior riders who Dominated the State Road Championships

Point Score info

Last week’s top scorers

•   Div 1 Matt Glanville + Kurt Eather    17 points  
•   Div 2  Gary Mandy   18 points
•   Div 3  Leigh Brown   16 points  
•   Div 4 Mack Apps-Tulip + Luke O'Callaghan    18 points  
•   Div 5 Georgia Bonora   18  points  

•   Div 1 Shaun MacWilliams   129 points  
•   Div 2 David Browne 128 points
•   Div 3 Tess Wallace   127 points    new leader
•   Div 4 Nigel Apps 147 points  
•   Div 5 Georgia Bonora   115 points  

VIE13 Teams/Clubs Challenge

1   ATTA-nsw    1457            NEW leaders
2   St George    1450
3   Dulwich Hill   1312
4   Lidcombe   1282
5   Canberra    679
6   Vikings    620


RAW TRACK 2018 ….Bring It!  
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