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Author Topic: Week 11 Aug 24, 2018  (Read 6767 times)
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If it isn’t fixed its broken

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News and Information
For Week 11
Friday, August 24 2018


first race 7:30pm

Female entry fee $5
•   Thanks to CNSW and the Women’s commission along with RAW track each have contributed financially to support a subsidised entry fee

thanks to :

This week’s Races
•   Round 1   Warm up Scratch + Womens A and B Grade
•   Round 2  Apple to Zucchini Sports Nutrition 1.5km Wheel-Race +  Skingrowsback 1.5km Wheel-Race
 •   Round 3  Win’n’Out    
•   Round 4  Miss’N’Out Points Race    

•   Round 5 RAW Crawl ( x 3)
Note: Point scoring rounds are in Blue.

Feature Race
The Skingrowsback 1.5km Wheel Race  and The Apple to Zucchini Sports Nutrition 1.5km Wheel-Race

•   This week’s feature race will be The Skingrowsback / Apple to Zucchini 1.5km wheel-race in Round 2
•   All female entrants are eligible to ride this wheel-race
•   Pending numbers, if we have more than 20 female riders we will run two X 1.5km wheel-races if we have 20 or less there will be one Wheel-Race with combined sponsors over 2km
•   Handicaps: will be allocated on the night

Tonight’s women’s Wheel-Race is brought to you by Apple to Zucchini  and Skingrowsback
    Skingrowsback website:

 Apple to Zucchini specialise in all areas of Nutrition including Sports Nutrition. They are a passionate team of sports dietitians, dedicated to get your body in the shape you want it to be!
 Apple to Zucchini   website:

Explain these races
Win’N’ Out This is the opposite of a Miss’N’Out race. After a designated number of laps a whistle is blown for the first sprint. The winner of the first sprint is deemed the winner of the race and allowed to carefully withdraw from the race. Each proceeding lap sprint will produce the consecutive places from 2nd to 4th. Tip if you go for a sprint make sure you win it.



Miss'N'Out Pointscore- - This is a standard Miss'N'out however the derny (motorbike) follows the bunch at 100m. As the riders are eliminated they drop back to the derny and continue till all riders are behind the Derny. The Derny sets a controlled pace for 2 laps than pulls off to leave a Kierin style finish.  
Scoring in the Miss'N'Out phase, each rider receives the corresponding points to the position they are eliminated i.e. first out =1point 5th out= 5 points etc. The winner of the Miss'N'out receives his/her corresponding points plus a bonus of 1 point.  
The Kierin phase is scored as 8, 5, 3 and 2 (if bunch is greater than 9 riders) and 5, 3 ,2 and 1. (for bunches of 8 or less)  
The winner of the race is the rider with the most points.

 Points are double!  
•   This week is the first week were result points are double
•   For every week you attend you receive 10 points (as per normal)
•   In rounds 3 and 4, top four place getters receive 10, 6, 4 and 2 points respectively

Congratulations to Tom Cornish Champion of the World
•   Tom Cornish week has become Champion of the world in the 1km time trial
•   This adds to his remarkable silver medal in the U19 Sprint
•   Amazingly Tom’s qualifying time of 1min 00.498sec has broken the World Record
•   Truly amazing as the previous World record was set at altitude which vastly improves sprint event times  
•   We all look forward to seeing Tom back at RAW in the rainbow bands. I hope that everyone who contributed to the fund raising night, feel a little closer to this jersey.


Point Score info

Last week’s top scorers

•   Div 1 Luke Britten    16  points  
•   Div 2  Finely Moutter   20 points
•   Div 3  Ben Fox   18  points  
•   Div 4 Dick Croft    20  points  
•   Div 5 Jamie O'Callaghan  + Angus Steadman    16 points  

•   Div 1 Shaun MacWilliams   144 points  
•   Div 2 David Browne 143 points
•   Div 3 Tess Wallace   142 points    
•   Div 4 Nigel Apps 159 points  
•   Div 5 Georgia Bonora   130 points  

VIE13 Teams/Clubs Challenge

1   ATTA-nsw    1649
2   St George    1636
3   Dulwich Hill   1476
4   Lidcombe   1408
5   Canberra    755
6   Vikings    738
7   Penrith   592
8   Illawarra   545
9   Randwick    526
10   Rapha    512

The Battles rage

The VIE13 Club Challenge Battle!
•   I along with almost everyone else is very surprised to see ATTA-nsw dominating the points series. This outstanding result has been achieved through hard work by a small group of individuals including Stelio Pappas who have focussed on getting kids on bikes.
•   It is no secret that should ATTA-nsw maintain their position and go into the final nights Italian, they will struggle to maintain the pace required to take overall victory. I doubt this will be a concern to the green gang who will be celebrating their impressive achievements this season.
•   The other big surprise is that after 10 years of dominance DHBC are struggling to maintain a top 3 position in 2018
Two special notes for the VIE13 Italian
•   The points allocation for this competition will cease at the conclusion of week 13.  This means that the Clubs who are on top going into the last week will be in the Italian ride off.
•   Everyone has been so impressed with the 4-way battle that this year 3rd and 4th will ride off in an 8-person Italian.

Division 1
Shaun McWilliams has a good buffer over Blake Ryan and does not look like losing it. However, I think he will be possible more concerned with the return of World Champion and World Record holder Tom Cornish. Shaun will be hoping Tom has a break after beating the world.

Division 2
Look out old man Brownie! Finely Moutter is coming!  This is going to be a sensational battle. Finely has it on speed, power and endurance. Whilst David only has his race smarts and good negotiation skills to call on some assistance.
Division 3
I still think Jarrah is Tess’ main opponent although Leigh Brown has proven to be above these two in most races however he has also been sporadic in his attendance and form.

Division 4
Family Feud! Nigel (Dad) and Mack (Son) are locked in a tight battle for this division. If you want to know who will win, I am sure there is an App for that!

Division 5
ATTA-nsw riders control all the placings in this division with Georgia Bonora maintaining a lead over Jamie O'Callaghan and Alex Pappas. But who will finish on top?

RAW TRACK 2018 ….Bring It!  
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